Lauren Slater Siegmund

2008 MCN Conference | Undergraduate University: Boston University

My MCN Story:

"I was involved with MCN in its first years as a student leader of the UNICEF Campus Initiative at Boston University (BU). Following my student leadership, when I joined the staff of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF on the Community Partnerships team, I helped establish a formal relationship between MCN and the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, so that these two likeminded organizations could work together to empower college students to make a positive change on our world."

Effective Student Leadership:

"As a student leader, I was most effective when working on the MLK, Jr. Peace Concert that united 80+ different student organizations on my undergraduate campus for a college-wide collaborative event. The key to success was in our process: we started with a rough idea—the idea of uniting the campus with a mission of doing good. We then sought out the input and participation of clubs and groups across campus, listening to their ideas and input for our event. We then co-created the event, from start to finish, making this program one of the largest campus-wide collaborations Boston University had ever seen. In doing so, we brought great music, a positive message, and the combined fundraising efforts of thousands of students together for one night of peace and unity."

Out of My Comfort Zone:

"The hardest thing I had to do as a student leader was develop the confidence to talk to the powers that be – the movers and shakers in BU's administration. Getting up the confidence to meet with the Dean of Students and other influencers within BU’s campus was extremely difficult, but the pay-off was well worth it. In developing strong relationships with the administration, I not only was able to achieve more on campus as a student leader, but I also gained new mentors and developed long relationships that still positively impact me to this day."


"I am the Manager of Knowledge and Impact on the Participant and Alumni Impact team at Teach For All, a global network that is developing collective leadership to ensure all children can fulfill their potential. I am in this work because of a deep-seeded belief in the power of education to be transformative. I previously worked at the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, taught English abroad in Nicaragua, and taught in inner-city schools in New York for several years. Along the way, wherever I was or wherever my organization worked, I saw the extraordinary power that an excellent education can have on a child—and community’s—future."

*The "quotes" above have been edited for clarity and concision.