Lauren Greubel

2009 MCN Conference | Undergraduate University: University of Chicago, BA

My MCN Story:

"I was involved in setting up the MCN chapter at the University of Chicago many moons ago. I had interned with an organization working on the Millennium Development Goals but realized many of my classmates were not aware of them. Setting up MCN was a way to meet other students passionate about international development and to share more about the MDGs (now the Sustainable Development Goals) with a broader group."

Being a Student Leader:

"One of the common mistakes I made, and I think many leaders make, is to not reach out to other groups to work together. We can't assume everyone cares about the issues we care about by default, instead we need to understand better what issues our peers care about and then make the connections with our own work - so there is a mutual interest. It is great practice in communications, articulation of ideas and problem solving - all of which you use daily in your career after school."


"I work on education policy for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The international education field is an important and innovative one because there are links to every other sector. Education impacts health outcomes, economic growth outcomes, security outcomes, democracy outcomes, etc. In education you are not only making a difference in a child's life, but that of their whole family and community."