Kayle Valdez

2015-2016 MCN Fellow | Undergraduate University: The Honors College at Miami Dade College | Studies: English and Education

After graduating college, Kayle wants to establish a middle school that caters to and encourages community involvement amongst its students. She feels strongly that all young people should not only be aware of real world issues but be civically engaged as well.

Wanting to channel her passion for civic engagement into something impactful, Kayle joins the Human Rights Alliance (HRA) at her college, Miami Dade and becomes the Outreach Director.

The Human Rights Alliance actively creates spaces for club members to be engaged. During a meeting, a member chooses a topic for discussion that he or she wants to facilitate. Topics have included the Syrian refugee crisis, sex trafficking, climate change, and more. Through conversation and education, HRA encourages student leaders to use what they've learned to take action on issues that they care about.

Kayle and the HRA at Miami Dade plan to implement three incredible projects to create the change they want to see in the world.

  1. Hope Totes: 200 bags packed with clothes, snacks, and toiletries for sex trafficking survivors
  2. Supplies: 200 backpacks filled with school supplies for students from underserved communities
  3. Partnerships: Establish a relationship with an organization in Washington D.C. that works toward the rehabilitation of sex trafficking survivors

MCN has been integral to Kayle's growth as a student leader. As an MCN Fellow, Kayle has received the guidance, skills, and support to make the most effective and meaningful student-led organization possible at HRA; her time at MCN has given her the necessary leadership skills to support the HRA and make it that much more effective.

The HRA is eager to create social impact on a global scale. They provide a space for students to address concerns that they care as well as mobilize student action. HRA has proven to Kayle that with a team of equally passionate individuals, students can create more change than they ever could've imagined.