What is the Fellowship?

We are pleased to share that as of 2018, MCN has partnered with United Nations Academic Impact on the Millennium Fellowship.  Please click here to learn about the newest iteration of the program (the 402 members of the Class of 2018 are spotlighted here).  We have kept the content below for posterity.   

The Millennium Fellowship, which launched in 2013, is a 10 session, semester-long leadership accelerator convening student leaders across universities to improve their student organizations, partnerships, and community impact.

Click below to hear what our fellows have to say about the program!

Fast Facts About the Fellowship


The Fellowship is a semester-long course curated by Campus Directors. It is designed to help you develop the values, professional skills, and pathways you'll need to succeed in the social impact sector, from performance management to writing grants to reflecting on compassion fatigue. We give you opportunities to network, receive feedback and coaching, and reflect.

The newest curriculum is available to Campus Directors. For an older version, see the curriculum and Key Performance Indicators here.

Cost ▽

As of 2018, this program is free for selected applicants. Students applied on 285 campuses in 57 nations this year. 30 campuses (11%) in 13 nations were selected to host 530 Millennium Fellows. Learn more here.