Office of Inclusive Diversity

Eunice Kim

2016 MCN Intern | Undergraduate University: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


My MCN Story:

"My MCN story started in summer 2015. I found out about the Millennium Campus Conference (MCC 2015) online and signed up to be a volunteer. During the conference, I made friends with youth delegates from around the world and was inspired by our conversations and everyone’s passion for global development. Post-conference, I kept up with MCN via Facebook and applied to be an intern in winter 2016.

During summer 2016, I was the Director of Outreach intern and led the Social Media and Branding team. I was given a lot of creative freedom and trust from my supervisor, which helped me excel in the role.

One memory I will never forget is Open Mic night at MCC 2016. Youth delegates were invited to share their talents, whatever they may be, without any barrier to entry- no auditions. The events that followed were truly incredible. Delegates from all over the world shared their cultural dances, songs, and poetry and were being celebrated. It was a really beautiful event that I will never forget. Everyone not only felt accepted but also included."

Student Leadership:

"Great leaders are resourceful. One should be prepared to go out of their way to find the answer independently. Being resourceful also means taking advantage of every situation and being alert to possible opportunities."


"I’m currently interning at Yahoo’s Office of Inclusive Diversity. I believe creating an inclusive atmosphere in the workplace is important because it results in talent retainment and drives business results.

Everyone has the right to bring their whole selves to work and to be celebrated!

I also believe that with great power comes great responsibility. I want to encourage the tech industry to look for and support diverse talent because we need the workplace to be representative of its consumers.  

In addition, I’m doing a creative strategy program hosted at Google where I bring my creative ideas to life using video and photography. I want to develop my media skills so I can help people share their stories and hopefully encourage empathy in the world.

I’d love for you to check out my work on my personal website."