Sinna Habteselassie, Director of Outreach Intern

Sinna is a rising senior at the University of Cincinnati majoring in Neuroscience and Organizational Leadership. Her passions lie within the realm of social justice and health equity. She aspires to one day work in the field of international development, where she feels she can fully dedicate herself to public service. Sinna currently serves as the Student Body President in UC’s Student Government Association and hopes to use this platform to elevate the voice of students on her campus. As a fellow believer in the powerful impact of student leadership, Sinna is excited to join the Millennium Campus Network (MCN) team.


AMANDA RIPPEL, Director of Campaigns Intern

Amanda Rippel is a junior at Kansas State University studying Anthropology and International Studies. After undergrad, she plans to get a Masters Degree in Public Health Nursing. She is deeply passionate about health equity and social justice issues. At her University, she is involved with the Red Cross club and International Buddies, an organization dedicated to supporting international students on campus. She is also the Director of Hospital and Family Relations for KSU's Miracle Dance Marathon. She enjoys competing in three-event waterskiing, camping, hiking, and traveling. She has been fortunate to visit many places around the world and worked with a local non-profit in the community of Oceanview, South Africa for three months.


LIA GABRIELLE, Director of Outreach Intern

Lia Gabrielle is a senior studying Psychology, Management and Sociology at Suffolk University. After graduation, she plans to receive a Masters of Business Administration in Organizational Behavior. She is currently a research assistant at Suffolk University, studying the effects of racism in the classroom. Lia enjoys dancing, reading and traveling in her free time. She is inspired by the work of the Millennium Fellows, and strongly believes in MCN’s mission. Lia hopes to develop the necessary tools and skills to help student leaders make a difference in the world.


SALMA EL FARD, Director of Regional Engagement Intern

Salma is a recent graduate from Mohamed V University in Rabat , holding a BA in Linguistics . She is currently attending SIST British University  and working towards achieving a Master of Business Administration in project management . She is a dedicated human activist who has been involved with Amnesty International for years . She is also the president of Rabat World Merit council and has been volunteering several local non profit associations prior to working with MCN .  She has also volunteered as a facilitator for Soliya connect , a cross-cultural education program that establishes a deeper understanding for the perspectives of others around the world on important socio-political issues. She is passionate about women empowerment , social justice , leadership development and realizing global development by working towards SDGs. Salma is excited to be part of MCN team and she believes that students are the counterpart to make a local impact for a global change.


OYEMEN EHIKHAMHEN, Director of Marketing Intern

Oyemen Ehikhamhen is a recent graduate from Brandeis University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Health: Science, Society and Policy. While on campus, she was a coordinator for Brandeis Bridges, a club committed to bridging the Black and Jewish communities on campus, a publicist for Brandeis African Student Organization, and the Creative Director of the Undergraduate Theater Collective. Her interests include social justice theater, cultural immersion, community building, and dancing the night away! In the future, she plans to continue her pursuit of using entertainment to enact social change. She believes in MCN’s vision and is ecstatic to continue her work there this fall.


YULIA LAPINA, Director of Programs Intern

Yulia is a second year Master’s student in International Relations at New York University. She was born in Moscow, Russia, and raised in Milan, Italy. She completed her BA in Politics at Milan’s Catholic University. Her international experiences include two internships in Brussels, Belgium, and a semester abroad in Melbourne, Australia. Her biggest passions are traveling, dancing, and scuba diving. After graduation she is planning to pursue a career in international relations working for an international organization dealing with human rights in Eastern Europe. She is extremely confident that students can and will change the world.


CHRISTINA B. GILMORE, MCN Student Ambassador

Christina B. Gilmore is currently a rising Junior at Shaw University and a part of the Shaw University chapter of the NAACP. She is a Political Science and International Relations major. Something unique about Christina is that she sings Opera. Currently an active community member within Raleigh North Carolina with RESULTS Raleigh Chapter, Athena International of the triangle and International Focus, Inc. She hopes to one day become a United States Ambassador and you can usually find her somewhere doing humanitarian relief work or giving a helping hand.


CAMILLE BANGUG, Director of Evaluation Intern

Camille Bangug is a junior majoring in International Politics with a minor in International Development at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service.  As an MCC alumnus from MCC 2015 at the United Nations, Camille has developed a passion for the advancement of global development and justice, with a specific focus on gender equality. On campus, Camille served as one of the first members of the Student Executive Committee of the Georgetown University HoyasForShe movement, one of the first HeForShe campus student movements. She is also a Student Consultant for the pro-bono microfinance and non-profit consulting organization Georgetown Global Consulting. This past summer, Camille worked as a Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovation Sustainable Development Fellow, where she developed sustainable tourism solutions for the Ten Knots Development Corporation in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. Outside of these activities, Camille is an avid cellist and enjoys spending time with her family in her home in Long Island, New York. She is extremely excited to be returning to MCN as an intern and continues to be inspired by the passion of MCN's staff and alumni each and every day. 


WENDY CHEN, Director of Storytelling Intern

Wendy Chen is a rising senior at Mount Holyoke College, a historically all-women's college, in Western Massachusetts. She plans to receive her bachelor's degree in Sociology as well as Film Studies in May of 2018. On campus she is involved in, and a board member of, MHC's Film Society and works as a Dining Services student manager. Her interests include creative writing and film analysis. She hopes to use humanities-based tools in her career to support and promote social justice issues related to children, gender, and sexuality. She is very excited to be a part of Team MCN this summer and develop more leadership skills necessary for social impact work, on a local and/or global scale, in her professional future.

Hannah Cook, Director of Operations Intern

After spending two years at an international high school—the Eastern Mediterranean International School—in Tel Aviv, Israel, with a focus on peace and sustainability, Hannah was confident that she wanted to pursue a degree in International and Global Studies at Brandeis University. After obtaining her BA in IGS from Brandeis, she hopes to work in the global development sector or for the US State Department as a Foreign Service Officer. She makes a concerted effort to be involved in her community, and can be found advocating with ONE campus, working at Brandeis Precollege Programs, going for a run, or ice skating! She is incredibly excited to be working with MCN this summer, doing international work from her home city of Boston.

Simone Lapray, MBA, MA, Boston Hub Site Director

Simone LaPray joins MCN from a previous position as the operations manager at Our Generation Speaks, a Boston-based leadership program and social enterprise incubator that will brings together Palestinian and Israeli change agents to launch social impact ventures. Simone also served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine from 2006-2011 where she worked in small business development, education, youth empowerment and HIV/AIDS awareness. She is mentor for BUILD Boston, a member of Net Impact and serves on the Board for the Boston Network for International Development (BNID). Simone holds an MBA and an MA in Sustainable International Development from the Heller School at Brandeis University. 

Jacquelyn R. Amaro, Programs Associate Intern

Jacquelyn R. Amaro is currently a senior at Boston University. She is majoring in International Relations with a concentration in Cultural Anthropology and Regional Politics within Latin America. Jacquelyn is most passionate about traveling, and has lived in Hong Kong, Cusco, London, and Buenos Aires. Jacquelyn in a strong advocate of youth leadership and cross cultural communication, and hopes to create a career that empowers students to create positive change both in their home communities and abroad. For all these reasons she is immensely excited to intern with the MCN Team this Spring. 

Sonja Knudson, Campaigns Coordinator Intern

Sonja Knudson is a senior majoring in Biology at Tufts University. She is passionate about leadership development, movement building, and health equity. At school, she is an active leader in GlobeMed at Tufts, participates in various dance groups, and sings in Tufts Gospel Choir. She strongly believes in students' capacity to create systems change and in connecting students from all corners of the world, so she is very excited to be a part of Team MCN this Fall. 

Liz profile.png

Liz Rebecca Alarcon, MA, Miami Hub Site Director

Liz Rebecca Alarcon is foremost, a believer in authenticity. When she's not working for increased investment in early learning in Florida, she enjoys informing and being informed, reading, blogging, cooking and building community in her native Miami. She holds an M.A. in Latin American Studies from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and a B.A. in International Studies & Sociology from the University of Miami. Before beginning her career she was a Fulbright scholar in Costa Rica.

Juleen Wong, Campaigns Coordinator

Juleen is a junior majoring in Environmental Studies and Sociology at Tufts University. She is thrilled to be working with students all over the world to launch the Sustainable Development Goals, and optimistic about the SDG's greater focus on climate action in recognition of the ties between environmental justice and global development. As an avid supporter of student organizing and its potential to create social change, Juleen is eager to partake in MCN’s mission this year.


Kathleen Hill, Strategic Associate Intern

Kathleen is a graduate of Georgetown's Walsh School of Foreign Service, where she majored in International Culture and Politics and specialized in the supranational and national identities that characterize the EU's current cultural landscape. Her hometown's French immersion program planted the seeds for a fascination with Europe's cultural legacies which inadvertently led her to a course on Human and Economic Development. In learning about the global development field, its challenges and its advantages, a long missing piece of Kathleen's trajectory finally fell into place: in the development field, there was not only an opportunity to observe and learn, but an opportunity to act and, ultimately, empower. 

She is incredibly excited to use this summer with MCN to explore her newfound passion and engage with students from around the world. After a year away from Georgetown spent at Mali Health, a Boston-based 501(c)(3), she's thrilled to have the opportunity to re-enter a community comprised of passionate, "disruptive youths".

Anna-Zoë Herr, Director of Speaker Management Intern 

Zoë, born and raised in Berlin, Germany, is a Senior attending Principia College in Illinois and is going to graduate with a double major in Global Perspectives and Studio Art and a minor in Sustainability in 2017. She appreciates the small things in life and is passionate about sustainable change, good books and deep talks. When she traveled for nine months through Latin America, collecting stories and documenting her journey through the lens of her camera, she discovered that social impact through sustainability is what she wants to build her life around. Issues of systemic injustice, privilege divides and power structures have ever since been core interests. In order to get involved and further her learning, she directed a conference on international equality, became Vice President at the Half the Sky chapter in her college, and organized to change the sourcing of food within her campus. The participation in conferences and various travels have taught her the privilege of education and the great gift of learning; that makes her especially grateful to be able to work on team MCN this year and learn more about how humility and empathy build organisations with global ethical impact that makes local sense.


Eunice is a student at the University of North Carolina majoring in Public Policy and Public Relations. She is especially interested in studying relations between North and South Korea and restoring human rights in North Korea. Eunice is a member of UNC’s Student Government Outreach Team and has experience working on election campaigns. She is interested in pursuing communications for a non-profit. In her spare time, Eunice likes to sing, play outdoor sports and watch documentaries. 


Abby is a junior at Providence College where she majors in Public and Community Service Studies Major and minors in Political Science. She is committed to educating herself and others about issues of privilege, power, and social justice. Since she was young, Abby has been curious and driven by the ways in which the world is fair to some and unfair to others. Through community organizing efforts, she cultivated conversations about privilege on her own college campus and hopes to continue to do so in the future. Her global perspective has opened slightly through trips to Nicaragua and Tijuana, Mexico in which she studied justice across borders and the value of storytelling, however, she hopes to broaden this perspective much further. This has deepened her passion for deconstructing the barriers that divide people based on their race, class and place of birth through education and sustainable empowerment. As a strong believer in the power of one’s voice and the mobilization of others, she is thrilled to be a part of the MCN team this summer.


Mary is a senior at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA where she studies Religion and French. She is passionate about issues such as immigration, poverty, and wealth inequality. She spent her junior year studying abroad in Strasbourg, France and hopes to utilize her French speaking skills for her work in the International Development sector. Her volunteer experience in France working with asylum seekers and her current work for the Boston Network for International Development have furthered her interest in global development and the nonprofit sector. Mary strongly believes in the importance of human connection as well as respect for others. She is looking forward to working at MCN this summer and helping mobilize other students to define and follow their passions. 


Born in Germany and raised in Poland, Kayla is a third culture kid. Moving to Poland provided her with a cultivation of knowledge on how history and culture play an integral role in global development. She is a rising junior majoring in Sociology and Philosophy at Wheaton College located at Norton, Massachusetts. Kayla is currently a student activist acting as the current Treasurer for the Sexual Health Advocacy Group and President of the Amnesty International chapter on her campus. She is passionate in the human rights field and aspires to pursue either a law degree or a career with the United Nations. Kayla is incredibly excited to work with Team MCN and she cannot wait to explore all that MCN has to offer!


Leonard was born and raised in Germany and moved to Norway at the age of 17. He currently studies mathematical physics in the UK. There at Lancaster University Leonard also first got involved in activism by campaigning for Amnesty International.

What attracts him to MCN is the opportunity for meeting students from all over the world and learning from and with them how to contribute to solutions for the problems the world faces today.

Frantz Gardy Fils PoinÇon, Director of International Communications Intern

Frantz was born in Haiti. He studies Economics and Political Sciences. He’s a former youth ambassador in US State Department program hosted by the YMCA. He's also a past delegate from MCC15 at the UN. Frantz is committed to working in education and ensuring that equitable quality and access is guaranteed for all.

He believes in the theories of Adam Smith: collective wealth starts with personal wealth. Therefore, one who wants to see a community change has to start by changing oneself. In Ghandi's words, “be the change you want to see in the world”. Working with MCN is an opportunity for him to gain further experience, upgrade his skills in and knowledge about global development, meet students from all over the world and build powerful networks all in order to achieve significant goals in the sustainability path.


Stephanie Abbott-Pandey serves at the Boston Hub Site Director of the Millennium Fellowship.  Stephanie spent three years in India helping community-based organizations develop strategic plans and improve their communication, grant writing and web skills. Stephanie has also worked extensively with both university students and faculty, first, as the Assistant Director of Internships and Service Learning at Wellesley College, and currently, as the Program Manager of the Brown-India Initiative and South Asian Studies at Brown University.  Dedication to helping others achieve their highest potential is the thread that weaves Stephanie’s work in nonprofits and higher education together. Stephanie completed her Bachelors in Peace and Justice Studies from Wellesley College and her Masters in Sustainable International Development at Brandeis University.

Natalie Tevethia, MA, New York City Hub Site Director

Natalie Tevethia serves as the New York Hub Site Director for the Millennium Fellowship Program. Natalie brings expertise in gender equality, education, and corporate social responsibility. Her work in international development and human rights has spanned the government and nonprofit sectors in the U.S., Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and the South Pacific. Natalie holds a Master’s degree in cultural anthropology from Rutgers University and a Master of International Affairs degree from Columbia University. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology at Dickinson College. Natalie believes in the power of university students and their generation to advance people-centered, just, and sustainable global development.


Beth is a senior at Brandeis University, majoring in Biology, and Health: Science, Society, and Policy. She is very passionate about international development, public health research, and sustainable development. She is the Campus Chairperson and President of Global Brigades. The Brandeis chapter consists of a medical, public health, and a microfinance brigade. While stateside, Beth and Brandies Global Brigades focuses on educating their campus about global poverty. In the future, Beth hopes to continue in international development through going to medical school and working abroad to implement sustainable public health interventions. As a former MCN Fellow, Beth is excited to be a part of MCN’s mission this year, and help the organization grow. 

Telesha Mahadeo, Recruitment Associate Intern

Telesha is a junior at Northeastern University, where she is studying International Affairs and Economics, with a minor in Spanish. Born in Guyana, and raised in New York City, Telesha has been surrounded with diversity and a wide range of different cultures, and grew to love and appreciate what the world has to offer. She is passionate about world politics, traveling, and economic development. She will also be traveling to Geneva this summer to observe and research the most pressing issues of world politics, including disarmament and humanitarian law. Telesha is delighted to be working with the MCN team on advancing global development and inspiring other student    leaders to be the change they wish to see in the world!


Mimi's study travels to and international research experiences in France and Algeria during high school sparked her interest in international relations. She earned her B.A. in International Studies at Spelman College where she found a passion for foreign policy and women’s rights. As a Charles Merrill Scholar during the Fall of 2013, Mimi studied Arabic and Diplomacy at the University of Jordan in Amman. Additionally, as a 2013 Charles B. Rangel Scholar and 2014-2015 U.S. Foreign Service Intern, Mimi has had the opportunity to work both at Main State in D.C. and at U.S. Embassy Bangkok. Mimi is currently pursuing her Masters in International Policy with a focus on Human Rights at the University of Georgia. 


Laura is a 3rd year Health Science student at Northeastern University with minors in math and biology. After attending the Millennium Campus Conference in 2013, she and a few of her peers decided to form END7 at Northeastern, a student organization dedicated to ending neglected tropical diseases. Besides being an avid ballroom dancer, she enjoys cooking and raising houseplants. She is interested in health disparities, adolescent health and population health and will pursue a Masters in Public Health after her time at Northeastern. 


Junyang (Lani) Yin was born and raised in the Spring City of China-Kunming.  Grew up in a developing country and witnessed people living below the poverty line in her hometown Yunnan, she decide to become a voice of the vulnerable.  With the hope of gain international dimension and global perspective, she studied abroad in the United States. Now she is pursuing Master degree in Accountancy at St. John’s University in New York.  Lani took the initiative and founded UNICEF student chapter in 2013, and had the chance to participate MCC 2014.  This year she is so grateful to be in MCN Team, to help empower youth-especially student leaders globally.

MCN Pic.jpg

Jude Chisom Erondu, Director of Operations Intern

Jude Chisom Erondu is a senior-year undergraduate student at Green Mountain College, VT, studying sustainable business (honors) with a minor in environmental policy. Being the first from his family and community to study in the United States through a scholarship, Nigerian-born Erondu has continued to stand out among his peers on campus by initiating proactive solutions to problems affecting students’ academic and personal success.
During his time at Green Mountain College (GMC), he held several leadership positions. These positions were as a member of the college judicial review board between 2013 and 2014, director of civic engagement on the college student senate, and student body president for the 2014/2015 academic year. Erondu also served as a member of the Pearson Student Advisory Board for the 2015/2016 academic year. He is also a member of the Green Mountain College Model United Nations, in which he represented China and Togo in the Security Council at the National Model United Nations Conference in New York in 2013 and 2014. 
Erondu a current Newman Civic Fellow, is passionate to be part of MCN team to make this year 7th Annual Millennium Campus Conference 2015 a huge success, learn from Sam Nemat Vaghar, and network with MCN team members and Professor Jeffery D. Sachs while developing necessary skills needed in his career pursuit in foreign policy and sustainable development. 

Veronica Alix, Director of Debates and Advocacy Intern

Veronica Alix is a fourth year undergraduate student at Boston University studying Architectural Studies and International Relations with a concentration in Latin America and Development. Finding the intersection of these two passions is what led her to brigade with Global Architecture Brigades on a couple of occasions as well as study abroad in Costa Rica learning environmental policy. Through experiencing many different types of development she has learned the best way to inspire change is to empower and educate others, beginning with student leaders.

Thais Jardim, Director of Operations Intern

Thais Jardim is a junior at Liberty University, VA, studying health promotion. She is passionate about public health and individuals right to proper healthcare. She has traveled to Nicaragua to aid in special education and public education. This trip along with her Brazilian ethnicity has made her an advocate for public health and for unprivileged community members. Thais is also the community outreach coordinator for CUREU at the Liberty University chapter. She is excited to be part of the Millennium Campus Network team. 

Zachary Thomas, Director of Outreach Intern

Zachary Thomas was born in Boca Raton, Florida but recently moved to Boston to join the Boston University Class of 2018 and pursue a dual degree in International Relations, specializing in Global Systems and World Order in Latin America, and Latin American Studies. When he is not studying global development in school, he is serving on his Model UN team as the Director of Outreach on the BosMUN Secretariat and the Asistant Crisis Director on a BarMUN committee. Aside from academics, you can find Zach keeping up with the newest music or reading around Boston. He is excited to be working as the Director of Outreach this summer for the MCN/MCC15. His passion for global development brought him to become a part of this team and he hopes to accomplish great things with the organization.

Jackie Chen, Director of Outreach Intern

Jackie is studying Economics and International Relations at Boston University. He was born in China and moved to the US at the age of eleven. Being from a distinct culture makes him aware of the importance of collaboration and global development. He strongly believes in the power of communication and outreach. Communication brings the world together and educate us on our similarities and differences. Outreach unites people under a common cause. 




Kayla O'Neil, Marketing Associate Intern

Kayla O’Neill is a fourth year undergraduate student at Northeastern University where she studies Marketing, International Affairs, and Social Entrepreneurship. Her passion for South Asian development led to her to study two summers in India, conducting fieldwork in the areas of social enterprise, environmental sustainability, and women’s empowerment. She is inspired by the work of the Millennium Fellows and the drive and passion of young people throughout the development sector, and excited to advocate for the 2015 Millennium Campus Conference.

Daniel Sullivan, Youth Policy Representative

Daniel is the Youth Policy Representative, in charge of coordinating the Global Youth Survey for the 2014 Conference.  A program coordinator at the Center for STEM Education at Northeastern University during the day, Daniel has been the Design Lead and Regional Workshop Coordinator for Engineers Without Borders NU, in addition to the Director of the civic engagement non-profit organization, If I Were President.   He currently instructs and supports K-12 educational outreach programs to assist in student learning, particularly concerning sustainable development and environmental preservation.

Becca Bender, Director of the Team Leaders

Becca Bender is currently serving as a Coordinator of Student Involvement at Lynn University, focusing primarily on leadership development and community service. Originally from North Carolina, she completed her Bachelor's degree in Communications at Elon University and her Master's degree in Higher Education Administration at North Carolina State University. She also spent a year as an AmeriCorps VISTA at Lenoir-Rhyne University coordinating service efforts and educating students on social justice issues. Becca is committed to connecting students to their passions and helping people feel a part of something bigger than themselves. She previously served as the Director of Millennium Team Leaders during the 2014 conference at Lynn University. She is thankful for the partnership with MCN and proud to have been a part of such a wonderful opportunity!



Andrew Lippi is a recent graduate of Lynn University and is currently pursuing his Masters degree at Lynn. As an undergrad, Andrew started out working in the Department of Housing and Residence Life as a Resident Assistant and was soon promoted to a Community Advisor. Andrew was a founding member of The Knights of the Roundtable, Lynn's version of student government. He was also a founding member of The Grail Knights, Lynn's secret society and worked as a Student Ambassador in the Office of Admission. By his senior year Andrew was rewarded The Snyder Scholarship which is given to a rising senior who best demonstrates leadership across campus. His senior year, Andrew was also heavily involved in Lynn's hosting of the final presidential debate while fulfilling the role as a "student stand-in" for Bob Schieffer at the debate. Andrew was chosen to represent his graduating class as the Commencement Speaker for the class of 2013. At graduation Andrew received Lynn University's President Award and shortly after began working for the Millennium Campus Network. 


Taisha is a senior working on achieving her bachelors degree in Business Entrepreneurship and Early Education at Mount Ida College in Newton, MA. She is passionate about making a change in education around the world. She recently traveled to Costa Rica for educational service work and it inspired me to take her dream of opening a Childcare Center for Children with Special Needs internationally. Taisha enjoys event planning and networking as loved hobbies that take dedication and hard work. 


Kathryn is a junior at Boston University studying Human Physiology. She is passionate about international health and global development. Kathryn joined the MCN team in September and is excited to help students leaders make a difference in the world. Prior to working with MCN, she worked with Boston University’s Chapter of Global Medical Brigades and traveled to Honduras to work in a clinic in a rural community. She also was a research assistant in a laboratory at Boston University’s Sargent College.


Hajira Shamsi is a sophomore at Northeastern University studying International Affairs and Economics with minors in Law & Public Policy, Health Science, and Arabic. She is driven by her passion for global development, women's empowerment, and seeing the realization of the U.N. Millennium Development Goals. She is excited to be discovering the intersection of these issues with youth leadership with the Millennium Campus Network. Hajira was inspired to become a part of the team after attending the 5th Annual Millennium Campus Conference in November 2013. In May of 2014 she will be traveling to Jordan to conduct research on the Syrian refugee situation.


Michaela is a sophomore at Cornell University, where she is studying Biology and Sociology. She is also a member of Partners In Health Engage there, and she plans to minor in Global Health Studies. Michaela is interested in learning about the systems of power that keep so many from achieving the healthcare they deserve. As a student passionate about health equity and social justice, Michaela is thrilled to be working with people who share her passion at MCN!



Lucas is a junior at Seton Hall University, where he studies International Relations and Diplomacy, and plays on the men's soccer team. Lucas is a French and American citizen, and is deeply interested in how economics shape world politics. Lucas is excited to help further MCN's goals this summer!


Melanie Demakis is a senior at Susquehanna University studying International Relations and French. She grew up in South Hadley, MA and recently studied abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France for a semester. She is interested in learning about different cultures, global development, and traveling around the world. Melanie is excited to be a part of the MCN team this summer to join the fight against extreme poverty and encourage student leaders to use what they know to change the world!


Claire is a senior at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. She grew up in Sudbury, Massachusetts, and studies Economics and International Relations. Claire is excited to be working at MCN this summer because she is passionate about advancing global development.





Patricia is a junior at Boston University studying Political Science. She was born and raised in Puerto Rico. Patricia is interested in world politics and international relations, and is an active member of MUN at BU. She is very excited to be working at MCN this summer because she believes in this generation of student leaders.


Tiffany is a Junior at Suffolk University Majoring in Politics, Law, and the Courts, and Minoring in Sociology. She is a Diversity Peer educator for my university and lead trainings on social justice issues. Tiffany just recently returned from studying abroad in Madrid, Spain where she had the opportunity to visit 9 different countries. She is passionate about diversity, education, equality, and many other social justice issues. She is excited to join the fight against extreme poverty while encouraging student leaders to use their gifts to change the world!


Rachel is a senior at Boston College majoring in Economics with a minor in Ethics and International Social Justice. She is passionate about her work with the student non-profit, GlobeMed, and her chapter at Boston College works with a grassroots health organization in Tamil Nadu, India. She has spent the last two summers studying and volunteering in Quito, Ecuador and hopes to pursue a career in Latin American Development. After an inspiring experience as a Millennium Fellow at MCN during the 2013-2014 academic year, she is incredibly excited to join the intern team and work to give an even better experience to other students!



Mariana is a rising senior at Tufts University where she double majors in Sociology and Peace & Justice Studies. She was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. Mariana just returned from an amazing year of studying abroad in Botswana. She is excited to work with MCN because she believes that being active and pushing for change and improvement is the best way to make the most of the student experience.


Laura is a recent graduate of Lynn University in Boca Raton, earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Hospitality Management. She is currently attending Lynn University year, working towards achieving an Master’s of Business Administration in International Business. Laura has extensive experience with event planning and management. During her Spring 2014 semester she interned with Paragon Events, Inc., a company whose internships have been distinguished as “Internship of Excellence.” Laura worked directly with major corporations such as Microsoft and Northrop Grumman.  







MCN photo.jpg





Tyne is an international student from South Africa and a recent graduate from Lynn University with my Bachelors in Psychology. She is now continuing her education at Lynn with my Masters in Psychology and also as a Student-Athlete returning for her third and final season swimming for the Fighting Knights with a history of two National Division II qualifications prior to this year and an NJCAA National Championship team title from a previous institution. She has had many incredible opportunities to be involved with student organizations and leadership through several that she is a member of such as the student government at Lynn University, the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, the LeaderShape Institute and am Student Chair of the Women's Centre Advisory Board.  She  also had the privilege of speaking to the Fall 2014 new students at the Convocation as the guest student speaker. Global development and student empowerment are two of her absolute passions considering her background and having seen the huge impact that a few young minds can make and the potential that this conference holds is the reason she had to be involved! 


Hannah Robinson is a Junior at Tufts University pursuing a double major in International Relations and Peace & Justice Studies. She is particularly interested in exploring the crossroads of human rights and international sustainable development in conflict prone areas. After spending significant time in Latin America, she is excited to be back in Boston to apply her experiences abroad to international development work. She is thrilled to be part of the passionate network of Millennium Campus students.