Vivian, Millennium Fellow 2015-2016

AIESEC (Port Harcourt), University of Port Harcourt 

Vivian Atuchukwu is a student of the University of Port Harcourt, Choba in Nigeria majoring in Education/Economics.She is determined, passionate, self aware , result oriented, loves to learn more about new developments, fashion geek, loves dancing and listens to music mostly RnB.She is the Vice President, Business development for AIESEC in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. AIESEC is one of the largest youth run organization, an international platform for young people to develop and discover their leadership potentials.She is more concerned and passionate about leadership and self development and that was my key reasons for joining AIESEC. Being able to work in AIESEC , I have being able to develop myself and built up a lot of skills ranging from leadership skills, partnership management, sales, marketing and customer relations management skills.She would love to harness all of these built up skills into use and thus would love to be an ENTREPRENEUR.Being concerned about my present environment , we strive to engage every young person in the world through what we do in AIESEC which are developing their leadership skills and taking an exchange program(internship) thus shaping the environment into a better one.Self motivation is key into being able to achieving or attaining greater heights as that has being the factor that has led me this far in my personal development both in and outside of AIESEC