Veena, Millennium Fellow 2014-2015

GLOBAL App Initiative at Boston University

Veena, MCN Fellow 2014 - 2015

Veena is a junior at Boston University, majoring in Neuroscience and Computer Science. Using the skills she learned in these fields, she plans help make a change at a global level. In India, she worked closely with nonprofits to improve education in Mumbai. Veena hopes to work with others to solve global issues related to health and education. At BU, Veena is currently the Vice President of Client Relations at Global App Initiative (GAI), a student organization that creates mobile applications for nonprofit organizations. She has maintained relations with past and current nonprofits at GAI and continues to achieve the aim of the organization by ensuring all apps meet the nonprofits’ needs and expectations. Next year as president, she plans to have GAI members volunteer at the nonprofits to form stronger relations. Veena aspires to be a leader and to work closely with nonprofits in the future. 

How has the MCN Fellowship made a difference in your organization?

At MCN I have learned several key skills necessary to be a better leader. The MCN staff has taught me how to manage others, introduced me to professionals in the field of global development, and given me the opportunity to collaborate with other students to discuss global issues.

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