Rhea, Millennium Fellow 2015-2016

Unicef, Ohio State University

 "Head Shots for Brothers of Delta Sigma PI in Hitchcock Hall of The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio in on Saturday January 22, 2015. (Joshua Orack/Ohio State University Office of Student Life)"


Rhea is a junior at Ohio State University pursuing a dual degree in Economics and Actuarial Science. She takes a particular interest in economic development, especially as it pertains to international aid through means of humanitarian organizations. Rhea is the President of UNICEF-OSU, working to help fundraise, advocate and educate for the children around the world dying of preventable causes. She is also involved with the Pure Water Access Project, which is organized to enhance the effectiveness and longevity of clean water interventions. As a research fellow, she provides logistical support for organizations that are working on the ground in pure water interventions; her most recent location was in El Salvador. Rhea loves to travel and this summer traveled to Europe and was studying pre-law at the University of Oxford. Her dream is to eventually work to stimulate economies in developing countries through the means of business and entrepreneurship.