Rhea Manohar

Rhea Manohar is a junior at the University of Miami where she is pursuing Bachelor's Degrees in Microbiology/ Immunology and Public Health with a minor in Chemistry. Rhea is an active member of the University of Miami Community through her involvements as Co-Chair of A Week 4 Life, UMiami Disciplinary Hearing Panelist, and Chair of Internal Affairs for Miami UJhoom. Her passion for health education and access lead her to found Healthy U Healthy me at the University of Miami, for which she was a 2017 MCN Fellow. Healthy U Healthy Me is a health education and access program aimed at empowering students in medically underserved areas with the knowledge to make informed health decisions coupled with health fairs to help these populations overcome the socioeconomic barriers between receiving healthcare. Rhea’s interest in public health extends from her current research in HIV/AIDS care worldwide to her work as a 2017 Global Impact Fellow in Chennai, India with Unite for Sight.

She intends to pursue an MD/MPH and becoming a practicing physician and public health practitioner. 

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