Raquel, Millennium Fellow 2015-2016

Human Rights Alliance, Miami Dade Honors College

Raquel Martinez is a Sophomore at Miami-Dade Honors College pursuing studies in English and Environmental Law. During her studies, Raquel has participated in a spectrum of activities within and outside of Miami-Dade College. She is currently the Vice President of the Human Rights Alliance, an on-campus organization that promotes education and awareness of human rights issues faced on a local and global scale through engaging discussions, advocacy events and active participation. Some of her passions as an English major include literature and creative writing. As a result, she is part of the senior editing staff team of the Miami-Dade Wolfson Campus student literary and arts magazine, Metromorphosis. On weekends, she volunteers at the DuMond Conservancy for Primates and Tropical Forests, a non-profit organization that houses over 50 rescued owl monkeys and allows volunteers to care for and learn from them through hands-on participation. Her desire for living sustainably and advocating the preservation of our environments and the species that thrive within them has been fueled by her experience at the conservancy. With plans on becoming an Environmental Attorney, Raquel hopes to embody her beliefs and work towards bettering the future of our environment and those who live in it.