Nhi, Millennium Fellow 2015-2016

Unicef, St. John's University

Nhi Tong is a sophomore majoring in Communication Arts at St. John’s University, New York. Born and raised in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, she grew up witnessing many street kids selling candies, polishing shoes, picking up jobs at small restaurants or begging for pennies from strangers throughout the city. It was such a barbarous reality and as a young individual, she would like to step up and take part in empowering children not only in Vietnam, but also throughout the world.

During her freshman year in college, she joined a group of like-minded friends to found the UNICEF chapter at her school. Nhi has a penchant for writing about humanity, working with youth, researching about cultures and documenting stories through takings pictures and crafting videos. She hopes that in future, she can incorporate all of her passions into her dream of bettering people’s lives.