Mbadika at Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Netia is a senior at MIT, who is studying Political Science and International Studies. There, she also serves as the President and Founder of Mbadika, a student start-up dedicated to global economic development and education. Mbadika provides youth in sub-Saharan Africa with the tools needed to overcome economic challenges- namely, kits to produce useful products and marketable skills in learning to assemble these products. Mbadika produces a number of electronic kits in regional micro-manufacturing centers, which stimulates local economic growth there. Following the production of the kits, youth are taught to assemble the parts into useable products, which they can then sell for a profit. The Mbadika team is currently in the process of finalizing their preliminary business plan and launching their program in Cape Town, South Africa. Read more about Mbadika's incredible work on their website, and check out their Facebook page!

Check out some photos of Netia's incredible work here!