Muhammad, Millennium Fellow 2015-2016

Code Orange, Lahore University of Management Sciences (Pakistan)

Faraz Husain is a senior at Lahore University of Management Sciences concentrating in political economy with a secondary interest in the intersection of gender and religion. During his time at LUMS, he worked as a research assistant to study Pakistan’s Islamic laws, and the controversy over DNA test to find out their impact on the rape victims of Karachi’s outskirts. He also became part of a research study in Islamabad led by USAID to find out the role of mothers in children’s immunization in the rural households of northern Punjab. He spent a semester abroad at University of Wisconsin Superior on a scholarship program as a cultural ambassador of Pakistan to the US. There, he presented research papers at four international conferences and explored 12 states including East, West coasts and the friendliest Midwestern cities like Chicago! He also served as organizing committee vice president for the project “The Ambassadors of Pakistan Program” in AIESEC Lahore, as an organizer for the 10th annual international HSS conference at LUMS, and as board member of the MCN fellowship organization Harvard College Code Orange. He is passionate about gender equality and inter-religious harmony. Code Orange was founded with the vision of providing the largest slum in Asia with aid through culturally-competent educational curricula on health and well-being. He hopes to launch an international chapter of Code Orange in Pakistan in order to achieve results through community interaction. He aims to be a leading scholar and development practitioner of gender rights in Pakistan.