MCN Miami Fellow Highlight: Meet Martine Domond!

Who am I?

My name is Martine Domond, I am a 22-year-old, Haitian-American, student studying biology and public policy in hopes of one day becoming a cardiovascular surgeon. 

What is your project?

My project is HealthnetwoRx, an online health and research community, more specifically, a database in which health professionals can interact; connecting the wired and unwired worlds, streamlining distribution and reporting, and improving the efficiency and reach of messages. 

What do I hope to accomplish in the long run? 

If successful, I would hope this website to become the main area for health professionals to communicate as well as for the public to receive vital healthcare regulations and information for each country...thus bridging the divide between clinical practice and international policy. Also, the website will have a home page which contains updated news on international epidemics and outbreaks (such as the zika virus or ebola). Most importantly, it will contain communication options, such as chatting, messaging, or video chatting/conferencing. HealthnetworRx will be optimized for low bandwidth Internet connections and operate on lower end computers and tablets, eventually becoming accessible on smartphones.

Moreover, I am a firm believer that private entrepreneurs can do more public good when they team up with government. I hope and am actively working on establishing partnership with government agencies such as UNICEF, WHO, and the CDC in order to build a better form of public health surveillance. With some form of a grant, I will be able to establish an infrastructure for public health prevention, offering tested, cost-effective ways to protect us so we’re not always playing catch-up after an epidemic has already gained momentum.

How has MCN helped you?

If I can be quite honest, I did not expect for me to gain so much from these weekly meetings. Being that I am different, trying to build a social enterprise compared to those representing student organizations, I thought I would not be able to relate as much. I simply thought it would be the structure of student organization meetings.

But...it was so much more. Since the creation of my project through Clinton Global Initiative University, I have scoured the Internet to find resources to assist in not only networking, but also for mentorship, guidance, and growth. With that being said, MCN was the perfect, next step in my project development. I was able to connect with so many individuals, especially those in the entrepreneurial and social impact world..that I would've never otherwise met. I was able to have reflections and enlightening discussions, and implement design-thinking and inclusiveness in my daily life.

There is an African proverb that says, “If you want to travel fast, go alone. If you want to travel far, go together.” No matter how self-sufficient we all believe ourselves to be, the truth is we all need a support system, especially when pursuing a dream, purpose, vision, or calling in life…which I am realizing in my desire to become a changemaker and what I have gained through MCN. MCN became my "safe place." It’s only when we have “traveling companions” as we journey towards our goals that we’re able to reach our full potential–to go farther in life.

Have you met any speakers through our MCN Fellowship that have impacted you in some way? If so, how and whom?

Yes, I have been impacted by speakers and I will share some lessons that left a lasting impression:

  • Yeni Simon, Out Miami: 1 hour of volunteering is equivalent to $23 of work in the non-profit sector
  • Victoria Fear, Miami Foundation: "The pitch is dead, long live the conversation."
  • Dr. Michael Lenaghan, Miami Dade College: "Do you want to be important or do you want to be influential?" & "Most governments were founded for the happiness of the people."
  • And of course our amazing hub-site director Liz, I truly do not have enough space in this blog post to express the immeasurable wisdom and insight that she has shared with us all.