Becoming an Advocate for Peace

The mission of the AsylumConnect global peace campaign is to motivate individuals from around the world to passionately advocate for peaceful communities for all people. The AsylumConnect campaign aims to activate agents of peacekeeping through providing a platform for interactive discussions on today’s most pressing international news topics.

Our campaign is for the estimated 6.5 million Syrian refugees who were forced to flee their homes due to conflict, the 300,000 LGBTQ asylum seekers in the U.S. who continue to struggle to meet their basic human needs on a daily basis, the transgender woman murdered for simply walking down the street, the African-American man who loses his life due to stereotypes based on the color of his skin.

Tune in to the AsylumConnect campaign forums from 9-11PM EST on every third Tuesday of the month to hear from leading experts on the topics you care most about, engage in stimulating discussion, and for thoughts on how you can transform into an unshakeable force of peacekeeping in your community.

Sample topics for future forums include:

  • Global LGBTQ rights and advocacy
  • The global refugee crisis (e.g. immigration-related issues)

  • International human rights law and public policy

  • Peace and conflict

  • Topics based on participants’ suggestions and interests

These discussions will be facilitated by AsylumConnect and supplemented with appearances by influential guest speakers from a wide array of fields. These forums offer the unique opportunity for you to ask questions and engage in meaningful discussion with leading experts in international global development, refugee law and policy, global LGBTQ activism, etc. All AsylumConnect global campaign forums are completely free for participants.

Don’t miss these forums. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a difference. Check the AsylumConnect Facebook page for updates on future forum agendas, upcoming guest speakers, polls that will allow you to dictate the topic of conversation, and information on our global campaign raffles (how you can win an awesome prize by just tuning in to a forum).

Interested? See you on Tuesday, October 20th from 9-11PM EST!

Join the UN's #ForgiveForPeace initiative for more ways to become a messenger of peace.

Written by Katie Sgarro, co-founder of AsylumConnect