Celebrating Our Millennium Fellows

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Thank you to everyone who came out to make the Millennium Fellowship Soirée & Pitching Competition such a success! Congratulations to all of our graduating Fellows for an amazing year of leadership and personal growth!

We started out the night with an amazingly inspiring talk with Netia McCray, a graduated Fellow and the founder of Mbadika. She explained how her organization, which teaches design thinking to young South Africans, was able to grow and gain a sustainable leadership team thanks in part to her Fellowship training.

Next we heard from Donovan, our “valedictorian” fellow, whose organization had the hightest Key Performance Indicator scores with our Fellowship program. His organization, the Boston University chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB), partnered with another Fellowship organization, Global App Initiative, in order to create mobile app solutions for a community in Zambia. His EWB chapter, which includes Fellows Micaela and Scott, was able to find a new partner organization in Zambia in order to continue sustainable development work for years to come.

Finally, the pitching began! For each hour invested in the Millennium Fellowship program – facilitated peer feedback sessions, hub sites, and more – Fellow organizations collectively earned time in front of our judges.

Fellowship organization  Global App Initiative  celebrates a success year of hard work!

Fellowship organization Global App Initiative celebrates a success year of hard work!

Global App Initiative’s Santiago, Veena, YC, and Asaph pitched a five-day training event that will give students the technical skills needed to enable their work – building mobile apps for nonprofit organizations in Boston and around the world. Each year, hundreds of students are interesting in learning to code for a cause, but it can be difficult for them to gain the knowledge of computer languages needed to make it happen. They picture an event where the best professors on campus lend their teaching skills to provide the best crash course possible. Their vision for this conference will become a reality with the help of the funding that were granted!

Everyone gave great pitches, thanks in part to their Fellowship training! Lauren, Elizabeth, and Jacky from Boston College’s chapter of Nourish International shared cupcakes and discussed their bake sale profits that are invested in social enterprises in developing regions. Their return on investment is an impressive 3.8. They want to invest in more cooking supplies and on-campus advertising to grow their bake sale venture.

Fatima and Mahi from Harvard’s Code Orange made the crowded room laugh when they made light of the inclination of Pakistani families to avoid discussing sex. After a silence they said, “…That is what the conversation about sex sounds like in most Pakistani households.” They have pioneered the Orange Box Project, where sexual education resources are made available to Pakistani students.

Erick and Arlo from ChangeFire discussed their evaluation project with their partner, a Nicaraguan girls’ orphanage.

Deepti shared her work at This Week in Global Health, a weekly video show that educates a global following of students on public health issues. “We try to inspire thought and conversation" around global health, Deepti said.

The Brandeis chapter of Global Brigades was in the field in Honduras doing great work during the event. Our Fellows, Beth and Erica, from Global Brigades were represented by another Global Brigades member, Dewey. "We provide communities with resources to help sustain and develop projects further," Dewey explained.

We could not have done it without our amazing judges: Nancy Brady of  John Snow, Inc. , Justin Kang of  City Awake , and reknown publicist Doris Yaffe.

We could not have done it without our amazing judges: Nancy Brady of John Snow, Inc., Justin Kang of City Awake, and reknown publicist Doris Yaffe.

Thanks again to all who helped make the event a success, and good luck to our Fellows and their organizations in the coming year!

Apply to the 2015-2016 Millennium Fellowship! The priority deadline is April 30, 2015.