Team Spotlight

Act Locally, Think Globally

Act locally, think globally. I remember the first time hearing this phrase back in elementary school, and it has stuck with me since. I am now in my fourth year at Northeastern University, dual majoring in International Affairs and Economics, with a minor in Spanish. Everything I have accomplished so far is based on my passion for helping others, putting smiles on the many faces I meet everyday, and positively changing the world around me in one way or another.

Progress and Passion From the Perspective of a Student in Public Health

Progress and Passion From the Perspective of a Student in Public Health

I've always been fascinated by what makes people happy. It helps to accomplish goals and feel successful, but happiness also stems from appreciating little joys in life and interacting with people we care about. Needs like shelter, food, health, and basic human rights are incredibly important to being able to appreciate the world around us; without them individuals are automatically put at a disadvantage in their pursuit of happiness.

Health in particular is interesting to me. A person's health is impacted by dozen of factors, ranging from individual choice to environmental conditions and genetics. Health is tied to their socioeconomic status, education level, geographic location and access to resources. 

Millennium Campus Spotlight

Millennium Campus Spotlight | Get to Know Babson College

Babson is a Millennium Campus because our strongest belief is that everyone’s needs are better met in a diverse community rather than alone. The MCN is a way for Babson to amplify and accelerate our students’ social impact. We want students to have multiple pathways to explore their desires to address the world’s social dilemmas and engage with the SDGs to create a just and sustainable world. The MC network, offerings, extraordinary mentorship, and partnership are compliments to what we do through The Lewis Institute and the Babson Social Innovation Lab.

Babson prepares students through purposeful programming designed to jumpstart actionable social innovation amongst our community. Our From Day One marketplace connects students to the many ways they can be global citizens and make a difference at Babson and beyond. This annual tradition kicks off the day before classes begin, literally From Day One. We continue this mentality with a weekly, lightly-curated 90-minute conversation called Good Business Fridays. In partnership with our Sustainability and Diversity Offices, these talks bring students together for a casual conversation with people who are creating social impact around the world. 

Babson’s core mission is to educate leaders who will create great economic and social value simultaneously, not sequentially, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Undergraduate student Marvin Tarawally has radically changed the failing public education system in Liberia by creating profitable leadership programming across his home country with immense positive results. Graduate student Yuan Yin found that children coping with medical issues needed an outlet to share their fears and cultivate strength. She created SuperHealos to help bring optimism and joy to sick children and their families. These are just two of the countless students at Babson who are creating lasting impact across the globe.