Insight from Kiva on Meaningful Partnerships

Justin Renfro, our phenomenal guest speaker from Kiva Zip, shared his organization's innovative approach to micro-loans and entrepreneurship:

  • What does it mean to transform entrepreneurship into a community effort and democratize capital?
  • Risk tolerance enables us to go downstream and support MORE amazing start-ups and entrepreneurs that would otherwise be marginalized....

Debunking Myths

Imagine a  patch of garbage larger than the size of Texas floating in the the Pacific Ocean! Or a water bottle you can chew up right after a refreshing drink. All of these topics and  more were covered during 10 by 2020’s November Global Ocean Forum. Dr. Mark Bond, a scientist, currently working at Florida International University, also joined the Webinar  to tell us about his work with sharks and why they play such an important role in marine ecosystems around the world.