Strategic planning @MCN: first steps

By Yulia Lapina

This Saturday MCN held a special strategic planning session. The purpose of it was identifying and re-stating the core values of MCN, understanding at what point the organization is right now, and more importantly, planning and shaping MCN’s future. For the achievement of such ambitious goals, many bright minds representing different stakeholders were invited. We would like to acknowledge the importance of everyone’s participation at this meeting. Special thanks go to our amazing leader Sam Vaghar, the irreplaceable Raina Fox and the bright Abigail Kelble; amazing 2017 Boston Hub Site Director Simone LaPray, our insightful fellows and/or conference participants Muhammad Faraz Husain, Racquel Knight, Oye Ehikhamhen, and John Kotey; our hard-working interns Yulia Lapina, Hannah Cook and Wendy Chen; and, last but not least, the greatest moderator we could possibly have: Nina Chanpreet Kaur. Many different topics were discussed. The Millennium Development Goals and the Sustainable Development Goals remain the guiding principle of MCN. Starting from there, it has been acknowledged that students and young people, developing their leadership skills, can and must act in order to make a positive and impactful change in this world. MCN has always been and remains a support for young leaders. Having this in mind, the future of the organization, as well as its programs and possibilities have been discussed. It has been a very fruitful and inspiring day, with many innovative and brilliant ideas emerging. We would like to thank again everyone who participated; every person that sat around the table with us made a very meaningful contribution to our mission. This is just the first one of a series of conversations which will lead us to the finalization of our strategic project. We are all thrilled and excited to see where the future of MCN will unfold.