MCN Boston Fellow Highlight: Meet Valeria Al-Khatib!


I always knew I had a passion for social impact and advocacy, but I never knew just how strong these goals were. Since I began college I engaged on a wide variety of campus activities that ultimately strengthened my goals to work for social impact. Not too long after this realization I found an opportunity to begin my work through Amnesty International. I started a chapter of Amnesty at my university hoping to get other students who were passionate about social impact like me interested in human right advocacy. 

As an Amnesty chapter, our main concern is to protect human rights to the best of our ability wether that be abroad or at home. In our chapter we have focused a lot on the rights of refuges and undocumented immigrants since it has been a very relevant topic in the last few months. Our main purpose is to educate our community so that we can all work together to protect the rights of those that are in need of protection. Ultimately, my goal is to pursue a career where I can advocate for those that need it. It is my hope to gain the necessary knowledge, education and means to serve as a defender of human rights and moral legislation. My long term goal is to go to law school wherein I will be able to gain the skills necessary to do the above mentioned.  MCN has helped me in this through allowing me to grow my network connections and develop professionally. MCN has opened my eyes to see just how many ways there are in which I can become more involved in social impact.