Stories from the Ocean

At our 8th Millennium Campus conference, two terrific brothers, Pedrisson and Emmanuelson Bernard, won the Millennium Oceans Prize. The two brothers visioned an innovative and effective way to create proper waste management in their community of Carrefour, Haiti in order to reduce ocean pollution. Today, 10 months after the conference, here are some updates on their project.

During May, Pédrisson and Emmanuelson worked on some programs they wanted to launch. They visited the first coastal area in Carrefour, which is day after day becoming the new landfill for the municipality. They witnessed a man throwing waste on the coast while children were bathing in the sea. Also, they are planning some upcoming activities: 

  • They have been contacted for organizing a sensitization day in collaboration with an international mission active in Haiti for a very special audience: an orphanage. 
  • They planned a CleanUp Week for June 21-24 and have already started to meet with volunteers. 
  • They will soon start collecting information on the Production of Household Wastes in order to launch a profitable project. The survey will be realized by a specialized firm. The money from this project will be used to partially fund their social projects. 

We are extremely excited to hear about these amazing achievements and look forward to seeing the continuation of this success story. Good Luck Pédrisson and Emmanuelson!