2017 Fellowships have Launched!

Team MCN is excited to announce that our MCN 2017 Fellowship Program has officially launched!  Last week our fellows met in both Boston, MA, and Miami, FL, to discuss not only their own local activist projects but that of their peers as well. Students shared their group's missions statements, engaged in peer feedback, and began lessons on career networking. The first meeting was a heartfelt start to what promises to be another fantastic semester of student activism here at MCN. 

Boston Fellows include: Grace Lee, Shawn Mozeika, Taj Akinbode, Sarah Khmijee, Khushee Nanavati, Valeria Al-Khatib, Taylor Garner, Christian de la Cruz, Tyler Godfrey, Maria Grant, Debbie-Lee Baskir, Sandrah Nanziri, Joey Milici, and James Purdy. 

Miami Fellows include: Martine Domond, Aris Lorenzo, Jovan Wint, Janai Thermitus, Jhoanna Jimenez, Matias Solari, Eugenia Bouzas, Riane Roldan, Kayla Vidal, Laurene Sanon, Krystal Lanier, Teja Bollepalli, Rhea Manohar, and Justin Randolph. 

To learn more about the social causes our fellows are fighting for and their own personal stories, please visit out fellows page!

It is with great honor that we welcome our new fellows into the MCN community!