200 Days Later: A Global Reunion

Our six phenomenal Global Campaigns Leaders were invited to speak at NYU's United Nations Global Initiative Program exactly 200 days after the campaigns launched at MCC15 at the United Nations Headquarters.

Students, faculty, and administrators attended the event to learn how the campaign winners and other leaders are working to transform the field of global development. The program was both an opportunity to learn and a call to action to escalate the university's participation in achieving these 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Here are some reflections the Campaign Leaders shared on this reunion:

"The NYU event was a great opportunity for all the MCN campaigns to give updates on their efforts and brainstorm ideas to establish partnerships with NYU students. The program began with an Introduction of the Transition from the 8 MDGs to the 17 SDGs and its Induction in the United Nations. The Introduction included a presentation by Dr. Klar, an esteemed faculty at NYU College of Nursing with a Global and Public Health background."  - Pedro Piqueras, Fair Air Coalition

"On March 1, the Youth4SDGs Campaign participated in the UN Global Initiative Program at New York University, represented by Erica Andriamaherimanana, Barbara Seabra, and Donovan Guttieres. The event was organized by over a dozen departments, highlighting the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to sustainable development, avoiding silos that perpetuate inequities in society. The conference started by highlighting the newly adopted Sustainable Development Goals, ushering in a new era of sustainable development that vouches to "leave no one behind," while integrating the three dimensions of development - social, economic, and environment -  in the the 17 Goals outlined by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The Youth4SDGs Campaign gave a presentation on both the opportunity and responsibility youth have in helping achieve the SDGs, as the main drivers to ensure the goals are met and maintained beyond 2030. Practical recommendations were given to over 100 NYU students in attendance on the practical steps and actions they can take to engage in awareness, advocacy, policy, and practice in order to turn passions into action, friendships into partnerships, and ideas into impact. The keynote speakers, presenting on the dramatic shift from the MDGs and a case study on the cross-cutting role of water and sanitation (SDG 6) helped better contextualize the importance and urgency of taking action. Following presentation from other Campaign Leaders and NYU students, with topics ranging from gender equality to education, NYU students and presenters had the opportunity to network, share opportunities and exchange contact to use the momentum of the conference to foster action." - Donovan Guttieres, Youth4SDGs

"The United Nations Global Initiative Program at NYU provided me with a platform to present global LGBTQ rights and AsylumConnect to a new audience. This opportunity is always a privilege as I believe that an in-person presentation on this subject is the most effective way of breaking down stereotypes and stigma. The event also allowed me to reunite with the other MCN global campaign leaders. I am always inspired by the other leaders' refreshing enthusiasm and passion for their causes. They motivate me to continue improving on my own campaign. I absolutely loved being part of the event and I sincerely hope it continues for years to come." - Katie Sgarro, AsylumConnect