Delegate Spotlight

Delegate Spotlight | Thirst for Knowledge: David's Passion for Education and Conserving Lake Victoria

by Zachary Thomas

David Maduri feels that “In one way or another we are products of our environment and the people around us. The encounters we have with our environments and people around us tend to define long term being.”

David comes from a small fishing village settled along the coast of Lake Victoria in Kenya. His community struggled with issues such as poverty, literacy, and “[people with] desperation for a change and a better life but with no means to reach it.” For David, completing his education came at no easy cost. “It was too difficult for me to stay in school, I was always out of school for my unpaid school fees. My school days were broken every semester until when the school director realized the potential in me when I became the best in class even after missing classes for almost a semester. Allowing me to stay in school without paying anything, he helped me find loans, scholarships and government funds to pay my school fees. Four years after finishing up my high school, I am in a school abroad and being the first from my family and community to join the university. My life has changed today because of the efforts others have put in me, just from the powerful encouragement words from my family member to the huge belief my school principal had in me.” Through this community support and David’s relentless dedication to his studies, he was able to attend university. “Today, am on a full scholarship from the MasterCard Foundation, my main motivation in life is to be an impact in the lives of others and everyone around me just as I am a result of that. I am determined to create a better community out of the community I come from. I hold a huge determination for a better equitable world so that communities like the one in which I was born could be acknowledged and realize their potential.”

All of this inspired David to start a fundraising campaign called EducationHOPE. “Through many other strategies I have developed with other interested partners who have  believed in the work I am doing after seeing the cause of my fundraising, we are structuring mechanisms more than fundraising to not only help students from my community but around the whole of the Lake Victoria region in East Africa access their right to education. We are currently working on the website of EducationHOPE. Believing in the power of education and the change education could revolutionize in our societies, I developed a project that is centered towards helping the African youths exploit their potential just beyond exam papers. The education system we have in most of African countries and much of the world only appreciates those in the society who can score marks despite the means. They rarely appreciate the potential of those who are not good academically. Such people end up without jobs and back to the society with nothing to offer despite having spent years in school. With support from EARTH University and the Global Youth Leadership Institute, we are developing an educational model that could take care of such people in the society by teaching entrepreneurship, leadership, critical thinking and life skills.”

Additionally, David comes to the Millennium Campus Conference eager to meet the other delegates. “It is a great opportunity turning stones from a poor small fishing community to one of the best cities in the world, and being at the United Nations. I cannot wait to meet the huge inspiration of leadership that is contained in my fellow delegates. Change is not necessarily the huge expectations of the world, but the inconsiderable shreds of motivation that one puts on another´s life to make them realize their purpose. The foundation of the better world we want for a tomorrow is the action we take today, we are the future of the world. Without us the world will not exist in the next six or seven years, we are the leaders of the future and we have to take the actions now as a one unified body. Let us meet and share our potentials for a better world. Bring all the ideas for they are the birth of a change.” He even submitted our campaign for the Millennium Oceans prize and is one of the finalists under consideration. “Knowing the huge hidden effect that Lake Victoria has had to my community and realizing the real importance of this Lake to the future of other coming generations, I developed a project geared towards conservation of the Lake Victoria with a focus of bettering the lives of people around this region.”

David is just one of the many amazing delegates already registered for the 7th annual Millennium Campus Conference the United Nations from August 11-15th where he, along with others from around the world, will come together to think, connect, and act to challenge the paradigms that perpetuate inequality and to redefine the world around us. Apply at to join the movement and promote social change!