Delegate Story

Delegate Story | Habitat for All: Emily and her Efforts to Generate a Safe Space for All in Her Community

by Zachary Thomas


Emily Platt will be attending the 7th Annual Millennium Campus Conference representing HerCampus, an online women’s publication that seeks to educate, inspire and show women everywhere the true power and potential they all possess.

Before working for HerCampus, she was an avid participant in Habitat for Humanity Projects. Starting all the way back in high school, Emily jumped right in and served as the President for her school’s chapter for Habitat for Humanity, which she also founded. During her time there, they led around a dozen build projects in just two years but her involvement did not cease after she graduated. Immediately, she joined the chapter at Vassar College and within a short period of time, due to her ceaseless dedication and passion, found herself elected as President of her college Habitat for Humanity. “I've worked on probably a dozen different homes in my time with Habitat, if not more, and have worked with four different Habitat affiliates in four different locations. I've attended a week-long spring break service trip to DeKalb, Georgia, and can't even begin to describe how amazing of an experience it was to work on a single home for an entire week. We saw a concrete, visible transformation and knew it was because of our work - it was really amazing.” Her work here with Habitat for Humanity is something that inspires her constantly and gives her a reason to continue serving her community. “No feeling is even remotely comparable to working alongside future homeowners, bonding across differences, and partnering together to build a new life for incredibly deserving and inspiring families. Buildsites are full of the most inspiring people I've ever met, from ridiculously lovable site leaders to the devoted students I build with from my chapter. My work with Habitat has been full of learning, tears, hugs, and an incredible dose of laughter. I will never stop volunteering with Habitat, and I can't thank the organization enough for what they do and how they've changed me.”

She also serves her Vassar community as a Student Fellow and a House Student Advisor and has picked up some very useful skills through her contribution to her community. “I've been trained extensively in matters of mental health and sexual harassment and assault. Since belonging to a House Team, I've realized just how strongly I feel about these two issues and hope that in my work as a writer, I can work to normalize mental health issues, fight the dangerous misconceptions and practices that contribute to the sexual violence epidemic, and provide commentary and information to young women seeking help and resources when they feel lost or confused (I've written an article for Vassar's Boilerplate Magazine challenging Vassar's failure to adequately educate on matters of sexual assault, and it was the most rewarding thing I've written thus far). I hope that no matter what I do in the future, I'll be able to confront these two issues in some capacity and to my fullest capability.”

But most of all, Emily’s involvement with HerCampus allows her to explore her passions and create change in her community. “When I chose to apply to write for Her Campus, I had no idea just how incredible of an experience it would be. I admired Her Campus for it's honesty, it's fresh content, it's empowering attitude, and it's superb talent. Now, I truly recognize how important Her Campus is for the young collegiette community. No where else can young women find accessible, informative, and understanding content that drives, motivates, and educates simultaneously. The Her Campus network is composed of absolutely amazing and intensely qualified individuals with outstanding accomplishments and undeniable passion and wisdom. There is no group I would rather be a part of at this stage in my life, and I am consistently astonished at how hard Her Campus works to aid, assist, and empower our audience. Her Campus is not just an online magazine - it's an intelligent, highly-respectable and savvy college community of future leaders, policy-makers, and global game-changers.” Some of her publications for HerCampus are included at the bottom of this post.

Emily is humbled to be the representative for HerCampus and looks forward to attending the 7th Annual Millennium Campus Conference. “I never thought I'd have such an opportunity to commune with groundbreaking and game-changing young people. I'm unbelievably excited to hear new and innovative voices at the conference.” She looks forward to exploring many of the paradigms that currently dominate the gender equality structure and how they can be changed.

Emily is just one of the many amazing delegates already registered for the 7th annual Millennium Campus Conference at the United Nations from August 11-15th where she, along with others from around the world, will come together to think, connect, and act to challenge the paradigms that perpetuate inequality and to redefine the world around us. Apply at to join the movement and promote social change!

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