Millennium Fellow Spotlight

By Beth He

Timothy Baiya Michael .jpg

Beginning this year, Millennium Campus Network started a Remote Fellowship in which leaders from around the world participate in the MCN Fellowship curriculum offered in person in Miami, New York, and Boston. Timothy Baiya Michael is one of our incredible Remote Fellows. He is from the Kaduna State in Nigeria, specifically the Bajju tribe. Interested in engineering and technological innovation, Timothy holds a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Kaduna Polytechnic Institute. He is currently enrolled at the Federal University of Technology in Nigeria studying Industrial and Technology Education.

Timothy is a natural leader as he as served as the President of the Industrial and Technology Education Students Association and the Assistant General Secretary of the Kaduna State Students Association (Futminna Chapter), among others. When matriculating at the Federal University of Technology, Timothy wanted further engagement with student leadership, particularly in organizations dedicated to fostering new leaders. Future Generex became the perfect organization for him, as it is built around the ideals of student innovation, empowerment, and leadership, much like MCN. Timothy is now the President of this organization, and hopes to bring it to new heights in the upcoming year.

Future Generex encourages student leadership through holding an Annual Leadership Summit as a platform of young leader initiatives, as well as coaching sessions on capacity building. The mission of the organization are as follows:

1.    To motivate students to try new things

2.   To promote self-reliance and self-esteem among student members.

3.   To promote the awareness that you are the only one that can limit your creativity and drive.

Moreover, this organization is filled with a vibrant, intelligent, and dynamic body of peers which creates the opportunity for young people to take leadership roles, learn how to manage a team, conceptualize and conduct large projects, and oversee community-based initiatives. In the upcoming year, Timothy and Future Generex plan to hold another Annual Leadership Summit, and expand their movement to primary and secondary school students. Future Generex believes that no one is too young to change the world!

MCN has been the perfect platform for Timothy, and the other Future Generex leaders, to grow into the best change-makers possible. Future Generex is taking the concepts, skills, and lessons learned from the fellowship to train their leaders in Nigeria. Timothy is encouraged and inspired by MCN because of the opportunity to “network with other students from around the world, and equip [himself] with the knowledge, skills, qualities, and attributes that will help [him] grow as a leader to better serve [his] organization and community. ”MCN has shown Timothy that true change is from grassroots efforts, in communities, with a mentality of a different, more equitable world.

In the future, Timothy hopes to found an organization that inspires, empowers, and trains young change-makers in leadership, as well as entrepreneurial and education skills to make a difference in their community, in their country, in their world.