Mbadika Grant Presentation

Yesterday afternoon was full of excitement. Abigail, Programs Director at the Millennium Campus Network, and John Beahm, Executive Director of The Jenzebar Foundation, presented 2013-2014 Millennium Fellow Netia McCray of Mbadika with a $7,000 grant towards a manufacturing trial in South Africa for a great little device that can charge phones using solar power.

The moment we stepped out of the cab to Mbadika's brand-new office, there was an air of excitement. Netia McCray, Executive Director and Founder of Mbadika, greeted them with a huge smile on her face and welcomed them to the space. There, she explained all the new, innovative projects they're supporting. The technical jargon was incredible but I could tell that Netia has been working hard on both the logistical aspects of her organization but also in out-of-the-box strategies that bring the team's creativity to life. 

I snapped away photos and realized that I was in a room with people who are currently not only thinking about, but actually taking actions to make the world a better place and promote the idea of innovation. 

Since 2011, Mbadika has assisted over 250 aspiring young innovators and entrepreneurs in over 6 countries throughout Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa in launching over 35 start-ups ranging from a line of visual and auditory disability friendly recycling containers to automatic soda can cleaners for restaurants preparing to serve tourists during the 2014 World Cup.

We have featured Netia in our blog before and you can learn a bit more about her MCN story. As part of the Millennium Fellowship Program, Netia shows how far she has come with her non-profit organization. 

We are truly excited for Netia and her team and cannot wait to hear how Mbadika grows to be a great example of our generation of students taking action!

This post was written by Patricia Perez, VIP Engagement Intern at MCN.