Delegate Spotlight: Michael Bourie

Michael Bourie is a senior student at The George Washington University where he is a Program Coordinator of The Grassroot Project.

This year, they celebrated their fifth year anniversary and their most successful year as an organization to date. In the fall, they trained over 100 new coaches with 16 programs in 5 schools and 312 participants. One of their proudest accomplishments was hiring their first ever full time staff through Global Health Corps. This year, fundraising reached new heights as they received grants from the DC Department of Health and the White House program, as well as participation in the Marine Corps Marathon where they had 26 runners fundraise for their organization. Full time staff allows development opportunities for students who have an interest in a specific field like non-profit management, grant writing, program scheduling, or communications. Students work with the staff and learn directly from them. These changes and opportunities have enabled The Grassroot Projects to expand and succeed.

On why he's attending MCC2014: "I want to attend MCC2014 to further my organization's impact and learn about current trends in my generation's work with global development. I believe I can gain valuable insight into what is happening domestically and internationally not only in my field of public health, but also in other development fields. I will bring the knowledge, network, and connections back to my organization to improve our platform and expand our impact. The Grassroot Project is a revolutionary organization that I have been honored to be involved with for the past 3 years. We have found and proven that our use of student-athlete role models and sport as a medium for health literacy and HIV prevention is extremely effective for our targeted audience of middle school students. We are still a young organization and expand every year with innovative ideas from our team of students. As one of the first NCAA Division I student-athlete led organizations, I believe I can share this unique and effective strategy for development with the other students at MCC2014 who working towards the same goal."

Michael, as well as many other student leaders from across the globe, will be joining us this October 10-12th, 2014 at the 6th Annual Millennium Campus Conference. There, they and other students will be exchanging ideas and talking about how to achieve the UN Millennium Goals. in addition, everyone will be able to attend keynote speeches by influential global leaders such as Nicholas KristofDr. Paul Farmer, among others. Apply now!