Delegate Spotlight: Brittney Frederick

Today we welcome Brittney Frederick, a Carthage College Class of 2017 student leader who will be attending MCC2015. Brittney majors in French and Political Science and minors in Spanish and sociology. Read on to find out more about her story and why she's joining us at MCC2014.

ONE is a grassroots advocacy group comprised of nearly 6 million people worldwide, dedicated to the fight against extreme poverty and disease.

In 2011, a student by the name of Trevor Wiles (‘14), founded ONE at Carthage in order to get Carthage students involved in the fight. I joined ONE at Carthage at the beginning of my freshman year, and after becoming extremely involved in the organization, I assumed the position of Assistant Campus Leader soon after. Then, in April 2014, I took over as Campus Leader.

Our chapter has done an immense amount of work to help make the world a better place. This past school year, we’ve presented to over 35 student organizations and classes in a variety of departments (political science, history, sociology, modern language, theater and more) to educate students on the issues at hand and to get them involved in our letter drives. We’ve tabled for petitions and letters, held a sit-out (we studied outside without any electricity to experience what students in sub-Saharan Africa must do), held call parties, and hosted a birthday celebration for ONE in the school cafeteria. We also held an advanced screening of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, an ice cream advocacy event, leadership and advocacy training at a local middle school, and even a glow-in-the-dark energy dance.

Overall, we made 200 calls, sent around 500 tweets, gathered over 1,000 letters, and around 1,500 petition signatures. Because of the hard work and dedication of our members, ONE at Carthage won first place in the ONE Campus Challenge for both the fall and spring semesters.

I have loved every minute that I’ve spent with this organization and I can’t wait to keep expanding our efforts and to continue working with ONE and fighting against extreme poverty.

I would love to attend MCC2014 because I want to continue to learn about what I, and others, can do to help put an end to the obscenity of extreme poverty. Attending MCC2014 will give me more information from which I can benefit, and other students, as I would relay information to them, in order to educate them as well. 

I believe that coming to MCC2014, I will be able to bring knowledge to other attendees. While there, I would be able to collaborate with others and discuss ways that we all found successful in the fight against extreme poverty. I would also bring hard work and determination to the conference because of the passion that I have for this cause.

Brittney, as well as many other student leaders from across the globe, will be joining us this October 10-12th, 2014 at the 6th Annual Millennium Campus Conference. There, she and other students will be exchanging ideas and talking about how to achieve the UN Millennium Goals. in addition, she will be able to attend keynote speeches by influential people such as Nicholas KristofDr. Paul Farmer, among others. Apply now!