MCN Fellowship Program Focus Group

One of MCN’s main programs is the Millennium Fellowship, an 8-month leadership accelerator convening student leaders across Boston-area universities to improve their student organizations, partnerships, and community impact.

The Fellowship started last year and this year we are hoping to expand the fellowship to include more students from each organization as well as a larger range of universities represented. In addition to the expansion the Fellowship this year will also count with a re-vamped curriculum that is more evidence-based and comes from extensive research on leadership development, organizational skills and capacity building from around the world.

MCN is committed to having the best program possible, so in order to get feedback on the new curriculum we decided it would be a good idea to hold a focus group with past Millennium Fellows and past MCN interns to see what they thought was needed, what was missing and what could be improved or highlighted in the new curriculum.

Armed with pizza we camped out in the MCN board room for a couple of hours with the great Fellows and past interns that were kind enough to give us their time. Through a mix of fun activities like an association game and a drawing activity and more traditional focus group tactics such as filling out questionnaires we went over the many different aspects of the Fellowship and even touched upon MCN at large.

In the end the evening resulted in extremely helpful feedback that made us rethink certain parts of our curriculum and the Fellowship experience. By the next morning several changes had already been made and we are still looking for ways to incorporate what we learned from the focus group into the Fellowship.

The application for the Millennium Fellowship is now up and running, so if you or your student organization are interested in applying we encourage you to do so! For more information on the Fellowship you can go here, or go here for direct access to the application.