Delegate Spotlight: Rhea Malhotra

Today, we're spotlighting one of our awesome delegates at MCC2014, Rhea Malhotra! Read on to find more about what this great student leader has done in her community!

Rhea is from The Ohio State University where she's the Director of Recruitment and Outreach for UNICEF. For  the last year, UNICEF-OSU has put on many events to help fundraise for the 18,000 children who die every day of preventable causes. After joining UNICEF, Rhea has been convinced of the saying that was always thrown around in high school, “every penny counts.” She now understand that a couple pennies can buy a pack of Vitamin A tablets, or a vaccination for a preventable cause for a child who needs it.  She expressed that, "I now understand that behind the statistics that are scattered throughout my textbook, are individuals. After hearing that 18,000 children die every day of preventable causes, I’m determined to play a part in lowering that number down to zero; I believe in zero."

The UNIVEF-OSU Chapter puts on several events during the year such as Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF, the Mile of Change, the Water Walk, and others. Their event last year, a Run for Peace, raised $4,680 for UNICEF.

Through all of these events, the group has learned what processes work, and what don’t. She mentions that being a bigger organization they can help, guide, and support other campuses or organizations working on similar efforts. "As one big organization, it is our job to collaborate and find the most efficient and effective methods to promote our cause. In this way, our success will equate to the success of our peers," Rhea said. 

On why she is joining the MCC 2014 conference, Rhea said that her experiences going to India every year have truly opened her eyes. 

"I have seen the discriminations that hinder society’s progress. After learning about this layer buried beneath the surface of a tainted society, I am determined to dig to the top, and break the glass ceiling enshrining the limits of what society has placed on me. I am determined to lead by example. I am determined to help those who cannot help themselves. Which is why I joined UNICEF and why I wish to attend MCC – a conference that gives power to those who believe in these causes. 

Passion has no appearance, yet it’s unmistakable. It has no substance, yet it’s completely tangible. It has no form, yet it holds nothing but potential. I have found my passion within UNICEF. I know that I am able to work as hard as possible towards the goals that I am passionate about. Through the progress I have seen with working in UNICEF firsthand, I have built my passion, and it’s that passion that I have to offer at MCC. Through this summit, I will meet people who will inspire, influence and provide me with additional insight – all of which I hope to gain, as a result of attending MCC."

Rhea, as well as many other student leaders from across the globe, will be joining us this October 10-12th, 2014 at the 6th Annual Millennium Campus Conference. There, she and other students will be exchanging ideas and talking about how to achieve the UN Millennium Goals. in addition, she will be able to attend keynote speeches by influential people such as Nicholas KristofDr. Paul Farmer, among others. Apply now!