Team Spotlight: Michaela Barry

Today, we invited one of our Summer 2014 Boston interns, Michaela, to share a little bit about herself and her MCN story. Read on to find out about part of our team!

Michaela Barry is one of MCN’s Summer 2014 Interns for Outreach, and is working primarily on visual and written outreach for MCC2014. She is in charge of making the weekly newsletters and updating the websites, and has connected with a number of delegates over email. 

Michaela is excited to be working at MCN because it allows her to connect with student leaders who are passionate about advancing global development, and to learn more about mitigating some of the immense inequalities present in our society. Working at MCN has allowed Michaela to learn more about development, which helps her to understand the world in a view broader than that which she has studied in school. Additionally, Michaela is excited to learn more about development by exploring the Millennium Development Goals for MCN’s weekly newsletters.

Michaela is excited to be working on visual and written outreach for MCC 2014 because it is an avenue for her to share information about pressing issues that the world is facing. She loves learning more about international development, and following the news to stay up to date on this information. Breaking broad topics related to development into more digestible pieces of information is very interesting to her, and she loves sharing the articles she finds with other people. Additionally, Michaela has learned a lot of computer skills from the other brilliant interns with whom she has the pleasure of working!

Michaela's goal is to become an infectious disease physician, and work in the field of global health. This internship at MCN allows Michaela to learn more about sustainable development in both greater depth and breadth, and to connect with others with similar goals!

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