Delegate Spotlight: Nina Townley

Today, we're spotlighting one of our awesome delegates at MCC2014, Nina Townley! Read on to find more about what this great student leader has done in her community!

Nina is a student at the Illinois Institute of Technology and currently the president of her Engineers Without Borders chapter. Her chapter has been actively involved in working in communities in Haiti, carrying out projects related to water supply and distribution and primary and secondary school solar electrification. Since 2012, they have been working on a bridge project for a small rural community in San Claudio, Nicaragua.  This project will help around 3,000 community members because, during the rainy season, flooding cuts access to schools, market places, and medical facilities. This bridge will help children and members cross the river safely and access essential parts of the community. It will also allow easy access to marketplaces where members of the community sell artisanal crafts crafts to make a living for their families. In the past year, they have had two assessment trips to the community to survey the river area and talk more in depth about the project. This project immediately engages students and the community to make a real, practical impact. She encourages all those to help EWB in this project by donating through here.

When asked why she would like to attend MCC2014, Nina said: "We would like to attend MCC2014 because we believe it will give our students the opportunity to meet other professionals and hear about what other organizations are doing to help improve our world today. It will also give our students the chance to learn about others perspectives on the world and come back with ideas of how to strengthen our organization. We can offer may ideas and new perspectives to others as well, from one successful organization to another."

Nina, as well as many other student leaders from across the globe, will be joining us this October 10-12th, 2014 at the 6th Annual Millennium Campus Conference. There, he and other students will be exchanging ideas and talking about how to achieve the UN Millennium Goals. in addition, he will be able to attend keynote speeches by influential people such as Nicholas KristofDr. Paul Farmer, among others. Apply now!