Team Spotlight: Mariana Berenguer

Today, we invited one of our Summer 2014 Boston interns, Mariana, to share a little bit about herself and her MCN story. Read on to find out about part of our team!

Mariana is a senior at Tufts University here in Massachusetts but she was born in Bogotá, Colombia. She heard from MCN while she was browsing internship opportunities in Idealist.Org and, interested to apply, she researched a little bit more about us. 

"I was excited by the concept of creating partnerships among passionate student leaders across college campuses because I have always felt like a lot of what we do in student organizations is limited by our restricted funds and our small size, so getting many groups together to work on one project seemed like a fantastic way of maximizing the impact students can have," she said. Mariana has worked at non-profit organizations before, which made her more than qualified to join the team at MCN. She felt inspired at MCN because she has learned that the key to being passionate about your work is by loving what you're doing. Here at MCN, she feels passionate and truly excited about what she's doing.

Right now, she's working on various things, but mainly focusing on MCC2014 planning and outreach efforts. She has had opportunities to talk to student leaders who are truly passionate about the work they are doing and are excited to share their knowledge with other youth leaders. She's also excited to keep on working on the Millennium Fellowship because she is eager to learn more about the amazing program and the new Fellows.

Even though we're about a month into our time here at MCN, Mariana agrees that she's learned a lot. She has gotten comfortable with working with the team and admits it's one of her favorite parts of being at MCN. She says that learning how to successfully outreach and manage important documents has been a great skill to learn. However, she's excited at what she's going to be learning for the rest of the summer.

Mariana's short-term goal is to graduate. In the long run, she's keeping her options open. Among many possibilities is going back to her home in Colombia and find a non-profit job there. She does know one thing, though, and that is that she's passionate about fighting poverty in all its forms.

Keep an eye out for spotlights of the rest of our team! In the meanwhile, check out short blurbs to get to know them better here. If you are an undergraduate student leader, check out our conference page here to learn more and apply! Mariana and the fellow interns would be more than happy to talk to you should you have any questions. We hope to see you at MCC2014!