Partner Spotlight: The Cordes Foundation

I am delighted to share that The Cordes Foundation has signed on as a National Co-Chair for the sixth annual Millennium Campus Conference!  The Cordes Foundation is an industry leader in impacting investing, empowering girls and women, and building ecosystems to support social entrepreneurs.

Last year Karen Ansara invited me to The Opportunity Collaboration in Mexico.  During the week, I met Ron & Marty and Stephanie Cordes and Spencer Ton.  We've had the opportunity to get to know each other over the past nine months in Ixtapa, New York City, and Tahoe for Promontory (how cool is that!), and I've met more members of their team and community including Jerry Hildebrand and Eric Stephenson.

Ron always opens conversations with a key question: "How can I help you?"  I've taken this advice to heart, working this into as many conversations as possible as we realize we are working towards common objectives.  Try this out in your next meeting.

Stephanie and Spencer have signed on to the Committee of National Co-Chairs alongside fellow leaders including our mutual friend and MCN Advisor Dr. Sakena Yacoobi.

I'm thrilled that leaders from The Cordes Foundation are joining us this fall.  Looking forward to introducing you to them in Boca Raton!

In partnership,