Matias Solari

Knights of the Roundtable, Lynn University

Matias Solari is an International student from Argentina majoring in Marketing at Lynn University, Boca Raton Florida, keeping a high GPA and belonging to the accelerated program (3.0). During his tenure at Lynn University, Solari is also working as a Resident Assistant and Student Ambassador. Besides, Solari has also played soccer in a professional soccer club in the United States as well as in Argentina.

Solari graduated from High School in Argentina in 2011 from the Institute Susini, Buenos Aires, and he started his professional soccer career that he stopped in 2014 to come to the United States to study in higher education. When Solari arrived in 2014, he went to Florida Memorial University, Miami Gardens Florida, where he studied for a year and later on, he transferred to Lynn University in 2015. During his tenure as a student-athlete, he developed several skills that will help him in the future such us: team spirit, leadership, loyalty, hard work, dedication, discipline, and more. In his last year as a student he joined the student government, Knights of the Roundtable, where he as the “Academic Knight” he seeks to improve the educational experience of the students at Lynn University.

Solari develops social intelligence every day, and is diligent of his duties at work. His dedication to his job is an example to other students to follow and learn that everything is possible.