Kiana Vidal

Human Rights Alliance, Miami Dade Honors College

My name is Kiana Vidal and I am a sophomore in the Miami Dade Honors College. I am co-president of a student organization on campus called Human Rights Alliance. Our main objective is to educate students about the injustices that are still taking place around the world, and more relevantly, in our own community. We do so by hosting weekly round table discussions and large scale events to raise awareness in non-traditional settings. I am also an active member of several other student organizations that include Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society and the Informal Politics Club. Another passion of mine lies within the fields of technology and innovation. I am also currently and intern for the Cambridge Innovation Center. Here, I work with different entrepreneur’s, non-profits, and start-ups on a daily basis to help them in their work and bring them closer to their goals by providing spaces and resources. Ultimately, I plan on integrating my love for communication, technology, and international affairs into one and creating a company that will improve the standard of living for individuals living in underserved communities abroad.