Jonathan, Millennium Fellow 2015-2016

Global Campaign #10by2020, Lynn University 

My name is Jonathan Francisca and I am currently a senior at Lynn University. I was born on a small island in the caribbean called Curaçao. I was born and raised there, and moved to Boca Raton, Florida in August 2013, to study pre­med at Lynn. Ever since I was young I wanted to be in the health profession and as I grew up I came to realize how important oral health is and decided that I want to become a dentist. My family isn’t wealthy, but I was very fortunate growing up, getting all the opportunities that I did to be able to be where I am today; yet there are a lot of people who do not get these chances due to bad health/their geographic location, which is why I want to offer my services overseas to the less fortunate, as well as domestic to those who do not have the resources to get medical help if need be. I am representing the Global Campaign #10by2020, because coming from an island with a beautiful marine environment, I can’t manage to see marine biodiversity being polluted and destroyed.