Janai Thermitus

PANGEA, Miami Dade College

Hello, I am the third child of five and eldest daughter of two. My name is Janai Thermitus, if you haven't gathered it already family has much importance to me. Having been raised in a large family had a wonderful impact on me. The purpose for obtaining my degrees will be to serve my community, state, home nation, of Haiti, and eventually the world! I hope to help heal the world through music therapy. My love of God, music, and psychology led me to this conclusion. As a student at Miami Dade College I participate in Student Government Association as an ambassador, PANGEA as Treasurer, Influential Ambitious Motivated Women (I.A.M.W.) and the Women's Breast and Heart Initiative (W.B.H.I.). If I could change one thing in the world it would be our ability to love. The more love we express, the healthier our world can become. With this I leave you, "Stay beautiful, stay blessed. God is love." (: