Fall 2017 Internships

Priority Deadline: August 21, 2017
How to apply: Send the materials requested below to hiring@mcnpartners.org.

The Millennium Campus Network (MCN)


The Millennium Campus Network is transforming the future of global development practice by identifying and supporting key student leaders to:

1) re-think the paradigms that perpetuate inequality, including connecting how our social identities affect our work and including challenging all sectors in their effect on poverty

2) promote a human-centric and collaborative approach to global development based on authentic and community-led partnerships

3) transform dialogue into action by presenting opportunities to act, challenging youth towards advocacy, and celebrating concrete action.


Our Annual Conference, Global Campaigns, and Millennium Fellowship convene university students worldwide to become the people the world needs.

MCN Advisors include Dr. Paul Farmer, Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, and John Legend. Our many committed sponsors and partners include: The Jenzabar Foundation, Hewlett-Packard, The UN Foundation, Better World Campaign, The Boston Globe, and Glamour.

Interns will work out of the MCN's national headquarters in Boston's Prudential Center in Boston, MA throughout fall semester, with the opportunity to attend the 9th Annual Millennium Campus Conference in Rabat, Morocco, November 16th-19th, 2017.*

Roles and Responsibilities

The MCN is accepting applications for the following Fall Internship Team MCN positions to support the 9th Annual Millennium Campus Conference in Rabat, Morocco.


Director of Campaigns Intern

What you believe: That advocacy can change the world. Think civil rights, current campaigns, and the UN SDGs.

What you’ll do: Engage with university students’ campaign ideas, lead logistics, and facilitate multiple campaign ideas to a ready-to-launch phase.

Your Ultimate Goal: Facilitate the culture, process, and logistics for launching student-backed major campaigns.

Question to answer in your cover letter: Based on your previous experience, describe your process for 1) preparing a social media campaign, 2) managing deadlines with peers, and 3) communicating energy and enthusiasm with university students.


Director of Conference Operations Intern

What you believe: That student organizations and peer networking matter to making the world a better place.

What you’ll do: Develop and lead Social Events, Registration, and Community Building experiences.

Your Ultimate Goal: Every single attendee has an incredible and organized experience while making meaningful friendships and connections that will last throughout their careers in global development.

Question to answer in your cover letter: Based on your previous experience, describe your process for 1) planning community building experiences, 2) managing registration/help desk/information processes, and 3) managing multiple events.


Director of the Opportunities Fair Intern

What you believe: That student leaders and working professionals have a lot to learn from each other.

What you’ll do: Secure international organizations’ participation, develop action plan, and lead logistics.

Your Ultimate Goal: Delegates, international organizations, and speakers share best practices and make professional connections that will last throughout their work in global development.

Question to answer in your cover letter: Based on your previous experience, describe your process for 1) securing speakers, 2) managing communications, and 3) taking significant initiative on a major project.


Director of Speaker Management Intern

What you believe: That real debates and real successes teach us the most.

What you’ll do: Engage and secure speakers, manage speaker communications and logistics, and facilitate session logistics.

Your Ultimate Goal: Create the experiences students need to effectively advocate and navigate a complex global development environment.

Question to answer in your cover letter: Based on your previous experience, describe your process for 1) securing speakers, 2) proving informative information, and 3) adjusting logistics on short notice (such as a speaker not arriving).


Director of Outreach Intern

What you believe: That mobilizing hundreds towards a social cause is all about energy, persistence, and human connection.

What you’ll do: Be an unstoppable force promoting how students can get involved in a student movement, sharing the MCN story through social media, and recruiting students to attend MCC16 in DC.

Your Ultimate Goal: To mobilize hundreds of students who will create the world we all want.

Question to answer in your cover letter: Based on your previous experience, describe your process for 1) mobilizing university students to apply for, attend, and participate in events, 2) managing social media accounts, and 3) using creative approaches to generate concrete results.



  • Satisfactory academic standing and enrollment in a certified undergraduate college degree program.
  • A keen interest in global poverty, the SGDs, and a passion for working to improve the lives of the world's billion poorest people is required.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • A good understanding of what the MCN is and does (be sure to check out our web site, the 2017 Conference Website as well as last year’s MIllennium Campus Conference 2016.)
  • An outstanding work ethic, self-direction, initiative, and a positive, results-driven attitude.
  • Prior experience in event-planning and student organizing, experience as a student activist or student leader a plus.
  • Experience living, working, or visiting Morocco a plus due to conference location.
  • Must be available to work in person in Boston, MA throughout the fall semester 2017.


  • The opportunity to attend and take leadership at MCC17 in Rabat Morocco
  • On-the-job training in event planning, communication, student organizing, and non-profit management.
  • A deeper understanding of the inner workings of a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
  • The chance to hear guest speakers from our Board of Advisors, Board of Directors, or partner organizations (i.e. Jeffrey Sachs, Paul Farmer, Partners in Health, Engineers Without Borders, the ONE Campaign, Millennium Promise, the Earth Institute).
  • Guaranteed admission to MCC 2017, including meeting speakers and VIP special guests.
  • Work in a youth-driven environment.
  • Professional development and working in a learning-centered environment.
  • Strong consideration for future internships and/or employment at the MCN.

If the intern is very successful, s/he will receive a letter of recommendation from the MCN's senior staff.



Interns must be willing to commit 8+ hours per week, between work hours of 9:30am - 5:30pm, Monday through Friday, in Boston, MA.


This internship is unpaid. Please note that unfortunately we cannot offer funding to support travel to the 9th Annual Millennium Campus Conference.