ChangeFire at Harvard College

Felix is a freshman at Harvard College, where he plans to concentrate in Economics. A first-generation college student, Felix resides in Los Angeles, with his parents, who immigrated there when Felix was young. Felix is a strong advocate of economic development. In his time at Harvard, Felix has helped to organize a partnership between Harvard and an organization called ChangeFire.

ChangeFire seeks to enhance the living conditions at Pajarito Azul, an orphanage located in Managua, Nicaragua, which houses children with disabilities. ChangeFire has helped to provide a well and a drip irrigation system to a farm owned by Pajarito Azul, which thus provides clean drinking water to the inhabitants of the orphanage and the community at large, and increases the area's agricultural output. ChangeFire seeks to provide education and technical assistance to the organization, and will continually monitor the success of Pajarito Azul.