Elizabeth, Millennium Fellow 2014-2015

Nourish International at Boston College

Elizabeth, MCN Fellow 2014 - 2015

Elizabeth is a freshman at Boston College, majoring in Biology. During her first year she has become a general body member of Boston College Nourish International. Nourish International is a student movement that focuses on developing student leadership and partnering with communities to make a lasting impact on extreme poverty. By running socially responsible venture initiatives on campus, students raise money that is then invested to implement sustainable projects in partnerships for international development. She also is a member of Boston College Appalachia Volunteers. Through Appalachia Volunteers, students learn about the structural social realities in the United States’ Appalachia region while discussing the injustices that create entrenched poverty. This program concludes in a spring retreat where students travel to serve those of this region and seek to build a better future by entering into solidarity with those in need. Elizabeth is passionate about biotechnology and genetic research and hopes to contribute to domestic and international development though the advancement of medicine.

How has the MCN Fellowship made a difference in your organization?

I have learned that there is a large community of students willing to come together to share ideas and support each other toward a common goal of global change.

I believe that to meet the challenges of our times, human beings will have to develop a greater sense of universal responsibility.
— XIV Dalai Lama