Chelsea, Millennium Fellow 2015-2016

Flip, Inc., Columbia University

Chelsea Wicklem is a junior at Columbia University, where she studies English and Education. Chelsea is a founding member of FLIP (first-generation, low-income partnership) National, a national non-profit devoted to promoting equal opportunity for first-generation and low-income students in higher education. Established in 2015 at Columbia University, FLIP has expanded and worked to implement various initiatives to address a multitude of issues that affect first-generation and low-income students across many higher education campuses, with the goal of creating equal access to higher education. Chelsea currently works in various schools in New York City, where she strives to improve high school graduation rates and college enrollment rates in schools. Passionate about making education equally accessible, Chelsea hopes to work with New York City schools upon graduation to not only raise high school graduation rates, but to also increase college persistence and graduation rates for first-generation and low-income students.