Caroline, Millennium Fellow 2015-2016

UNICEF, Ohio State University

Caroline Tritt is a junior studying Psychology and Strategic Communications with a minor in Global Public Health at Ohio State University.  Caroline is the Graphics and Marketing Chair of UNICEF-OSU.  The United Nations Children’s Fund is a global humanitarian organization that strives to do whatever it takes to save and protect the world’s most vulnerable children by providing healthcare, clean water, food, education, and helping in emergency relief situations.  She also spends her time volunteering with ENCompass, an organization that is dedicated to bridging the gap between medical and social care in the Columbus community.  Poor health can be exacerbated by many factors, and by addressing needs indirectly related to their medical care, we hope to improve our clients’ overall health and decrease readmission rates.  Eventually Caroline hopes to get her Masters in Public Health and follow her heart from there!  She’s excited to grow as a leader through MCN and learn how to make her goals a reality.