IAMW Photoshoot 160930

Aris Lorenzo

Pangea, Miami Dade College

I am second year student in Miami Dade College, pursuing an associate’s degree in Business Administration. I am a student who is very involved and I always like to know what’s going on around campus. I work as a Civic Ambassador in the North Campus’ Institute for Civic Engagement and Democracy department, which is great because I learned about so many opportunities such as the Millennium Campus Fellowship and the Clinton Global Initiative University. I also got involved through joining clubs on campus, and I was inspired to start my own club called Pangea with my good friend Jovan Wint. The club focuses on multiculturalism and unity. We’ve been able to host meetings, documentary screenings and service activities, which have all been successful. The MCN Fellowship has helped my organization tremendously by strengthen our leadership roles, in order to create a better,  more meaningful impact in our communities.