Anthony, Millennium Fellow 2015-2016

AIESEC, University of Port Harcourt Choba in Nigeria

I'm Young, Passionate, Energetic, Reserved. Fun­Loving individual. Determined, Daring and Brave, Passionate, Principled, Enthusiastic, Innovative, Energetic, go getter .Advertisement Freak , ROCK music is in me. Digital Marketing Geek at night. AIESECer. Anthony Nnaemeka OLISA Jr holds a B.TECH(Hons) Geology & Mining and is currently doing his 2nd degree in the department of Civil Engineering in University of Port Harcourt Choba in Nigeria . I love technology, Swimming, Traveling and meeting new people. I am an AIESECer and i have being impacted by the wonderful leadership experience AIESEC provide for youths.I am a starter. I constantly look for a daily self­development in a dynamic and innovative working environment. I am positively challenged by teamwork, especially when diversity, global mindset and activating leadership are valued as key factors for the organization I am working for.In the past few years, I have worked for some major Multinational companies and engaged with people in different environment,  either in terms of stakeholder relationship or addressing a gathering , Promoting brands and events, managing events. My brief successful work experiences at AIESEC gave me the multiple opportunities for this. My success with customers and individual is also due to my good communication skills and my amiable character. Also working with Tech Giants like Blackberry , Nokia , Google exposed my horizon in the tech world.I believe in Leadership, but i have a greater belief in SELF MOTIVATION, you push yourself forward no matter the challenges that will always arise !!!