Amelia, Millennium Fellow 2015-2016

We are Global, Becker College

Amelia Karayianis is a senior in the Global Citizenship program at Becker College in Worcester, Massachusetts. She has recently become the vice-president of a newly formed campus club, We Are Global, which is dedicated to creating awareness of social issues around campus and empowering students to be engaged in processes of community and global development. Amelia is passionate about issues concerning social justice and human rights, and values sustainability as the key to creating solutions. She has participated in several study abroad experiences, including a service trip to rural Jamaica where she lived with a host family and spent a week teaching and interacting with young children in the community’s schools. Amelia also teaches ESOL to recent refugees and immigrants to the United States, and enjoys learning from her students just as much as they learn from her. She hopes that the Millennium Fellowship will give her the tools to further develop the work of We Are Global, through strong leadership, community engagement, and the harnessing of the already prevalent passion of the club’s members.