Alessandra Fix, Millennium Fellow 2015-2016

Globe Med, George Washington University

Alessandra was born in London, England, and moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts when she was young. Now a sophomore at the George Washington University majoring in Human Services and Social Justice and minoring in public health, she has a passion for helping others and wants to work in the non-profit sector when she graduates. Alessandra is a campaign coordinator for GWU GlobeMed, and this year she is working on planning their annual benefit gala and 5K run. The events help support GlobeMed's partner organization, Set Her Free, which is based in Kampala, Uganda. Set Her Free strives to empower young women whose lives have been negatively affected by the sex trade by providing a safe environment, education, and rehabilitation. She is excited to work with the other fellows and learn from their experiences within their own organizations, and use that insight to help GlobeMed expand and improve their campaigns in order to benefit Set Her Free.