Since being founded in university dorm rooms, over 5,500 undergraduates from 300 universities worldwide have participated in one or more MCN programs.  MCN alumni have gone on to work at the United Nations, USAID, and launched their own social enterprises.  Most recent programming received a 9/10 net promoter score.

As the network grows, our goal is to track alumni over time - 6 months, two years, five years post-graduation - and prove that success in social impact careers can be tied to success in MCN programs.  In the immediate term, we track growth of the organizations our Millennium Fellows lead on campuses across 6 Key Performance Indicators.  In Year Three of the Fellowship, organizations went on average from 1.69/10 ("start ups") to 7.41/10 ("functional") - meaning clearer goals, stronger teams, and deeper impact on campus and with community.  

Below is a snapshot of what some recent Millennium Fellows and Delegates learned through MCN programs.

I learned practical and philosophical lessons through the Fellowship that greatly enhanced my education and my capabilities as a student leader. But even more importantly, through the MCN I found what truly fulfills me, while gaining valuable skills to actually pursue it. I am pleased to say that I am actively pursuing a career in educational and economic development in the Middle East, as well as continuing my experience with the MCN this summer as a Team Leader at the annual Millennium Campus Conference.
— Lauren Monahan (Boston College '15), Millennium Fellow, Class of 2015
Lauren, an MCN Fellow

Lauren, an MCN Fellow

MCC15 inspired me to discover potential in myself that I previously did not even know I was capable of. Meeting other empowered and determined students who have accomplished so much already really sparked a fire in me to find a role on my campus, in my community and in this world to make tomorrow even brighter than it already is today. MCC15 helped me in realizing that my “dream goals” might one day become a reality if partnered with other youths who share similar visions. After MCC15, my eyes have opened to the actual change that is happening all over the world, change that I wish to be apart of! I plan to travel with Students Helping Honduras in the spring to make education a possibility for young boys and girls who live in a community where education is not something so common. I left the conference grateful, humbled, and excited for a future where myself and my peers will all work together in improving a stronger global society. Columbia University can most definitely benefit from all that MCN has to offer, and it would be a serious disappointment to miss out on any of the wonderful future opportunities and events lead by MCN.
— Taylor, MCC15 Delegate
At MCC15, it was incredible to see so many passionate leaders come together to create sustainable change. Students heard a variety of perspectives on global issues, coming together brainstorm and collaborate on a scalable solutions. We can’t wait for Girl Up Campus leaders to participate again next year.
— Julie Willig UN Foundation, Girl Up
The campaign forums, as far as I am concerned, provide me with an unique opportunity to hear from and converse with young leaders doing amazingly interesting and inspiring stuff across the world.... I had never thought of the possibility of being able to sit back on my bed and engage in a discussion with people from across the seven seas, so to say.
— Samantak Bhadra, Remote Millennium Fellow, Class of 2016
Samantak, an MCN Fellow

Samantak, an MCN Fellow